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Chapter 981
981 Beautiful Master 6 However, the girl was so unperturbed and at ease when she talked about it now . He couldn’t sense any rage in her .

Other people would have been utterly shattered if they had been in her place . This girl, on the other hand, had been able to get her ability back .

“What’s harder than becoming a genius is losing that position but being able to climb back up again . ” Grand Secretary Fang nodded at Feng Wu in approval .

One could only cultivate such a mentality after going through hell .

This girl was meant to be great!

Feng Wu smiled . “But the Zuo family has found out about my recovery, and things will only get harder for me . ”

After a pause, she went on . “I’m not worried about them coming after me, but I’m concerned about my family’s safety . ”

Grand Secretary Fang said in a solemn voice, “I might have retired from court, but many people still owe me large favors from over the years . I can easily find a few able men to help you with that . ”

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Feng Wu’s eyes lit up .

She was here today to talk about the Taiyi formation as well as her family’s safety .

Grand Secretary Fang had been the head of the cabinet for years, with hundreds of subordinates under him . His uprightness had earned him a lot of followers, and he had an unbelievable number of resources .

Feng Wu asked, “Is it possible to find some Spiritual Elders?”

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . “Masters of that capability can’t be hired with money . However, you’re great in both formations and medical skills, which should be enough to get you the help you need . I’ll ask around . ”

Feng Wu said, “Alright . ”

It would be great if her skills in formation and medicine could attract loyal guards .

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“I’ve been meaning to ask you,” said Grand Secretary Fang, “what’s your relationship with His Royal Highness? Why did you kiss him when he was unconscious?”

Grand Secretary Fang was probably the only one who could ask that question outright .

Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “I have no idea what happened . Why does everyone know about my cultivation ability?”

She had had her hands full ever since she got out of Proud Snowfield . After confronting Mu Yaoyao with their bet, she had been summoned by the royal family . Then came the assassination on her way back home from the crown prince’s residence . With everything that had happened, she was only able to catch her breath now .

Grand Secretary Fang sighed in resignation at Feng Wu’s question .

He then told Feng Wu what he had seen on the screen .

Only then did Feng Wu see the light .

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So that was it!

“So, everyone only got as far as seeing me kiss Jun Linyuan . They didn’t know what happened after that?” Feng Wu had never felt so wronged .

Grand Secretary Fang nodded . “That’s right . ”

Feng Wu rubbed her forehead . It was all Emperor Wu’s fault . “His Majesty shouldn’t have switched off the screen . ”

Grand Secretary Fang asked, “What do you mean?”

Feng Wu then described to Grand Secretary Fang what happened next in resignation . “I was giving him artificial respiration, not kissing him! In layman terms: I was trying to make him breathe again . Jun Linyuan would be long dead if I didn’t do that! What kiss? I would never kiss him willingly! I can’t believe it!”

Grand Secretary Fang glanced at Feng Wu . “Every girl in the empire is in love with His Royal Highness . Are you sure you’re not one of them?”

Feng Wu snapped, “Never! That guy is impossible! He’s arrogant, full of himself, narcissistic, unreasonable, bossy, opinionated…”

She went on listing all his flaws .

“In short, I’ll never fall for a man like Jun Linyuan!”

Grand Secretary Fang found the girl’s attitude baffling . Wasn’t she trying a little too hard with her denial?

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