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Chapter 975
975 Ambush In the Alley 4 He pressed a few vital points to numb the sensation in his groin so that the pain wouldn’t be as unbearable . The next second, he dashed off after Feng Wu .

1000m, 500m, 300m…

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder to find the man coming after her like a shooting arrow . Her heart sank .


His sword lunged at her at an impossible angle .

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched, and she shifted to one side to dodge the blade .

However, the sword seemed to have a life of its own . It turned in the air and was still aimed at Feng Wu’s heart!

The blade glinted!

Feng Wu was out of moves!

She couldn’t run away from the sword, but she could choose where she was going to get hurt!


The sword made a gash in Feng Wu’s left arm!

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Blood oozed out!

The sword spun in the air, as if it was fueled by magic!

It followed Feng Wu everywhere and turned when Feng Wu did!



It hit Feng Wu repeatedly!

On her face, her body, her arms, her legs…

In a matter of seconds, Feng Wu was cut dozens of times!

Some of the cuts were shallow and some deep!

Of course they were painful . Those cuts almost crippled Feng Wu!

Blood was running down all over Feng Wu’s body, painting her white dress red . She looked like she had jumped into a pool of blood . The sight was terrifying!

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There were even three cuts on her beautiful face!

Feng Wu had suffered from injuries and blood loss in Proud Snowfield earlier, and these cuts only exacerbated her condition . Without the support of her sword, she wouldn’t even be able to stand on her feet .

By then, the assassin had caught up to her, and he glared at Feng Wu with his bloodshot eyes .

“You b*tch! You tricked me!”

The dwarf pointed at Feng Wu with his sword, then slashed down at her head with the blade!

He had forgotten all about her beauty .

The only thing he could think of now was killing her to vent his rage!

All his spiritual essence was concentrated in the blade!

The energy rushed toward Feng Wu like a raging storm!

Sensing the formidable energy, Feng Wu wanted to run, but the blade moved faster than she did .


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At that critical moment!

A fluffy little thing appeared on top of Feng Wu’s head .

The assassin’s blade landed on Feng Tutu!

And it made a metallic clank!

“Awww!” Feng Tutu cried out in pain and rubbed its head with its front paws . That hurt .

Feng Wu took Feng Tutu off her head right away and was relieved to see that there wasn’t a scratch on the cub .

Guillotine Seven stared in disbelief!

His sword couldn’t even make a dent in the little thing!

What on earth was this creature?!

Before Guillotine Seven realized what was happening, a palm-sized bird materialized and spat out a fireball at his groin!


Caught off guard, Guillotine Seven was hit by the fire, and he burst into tears at the pain .

Feng Wu knew that there was only so much time her little friends could buy her . This assassin was simply too powerful for her to fight .

She was right!

Infuriated, Guillotine Seven struck out again!

Thud! Thud!

Little Phoenix and Feng Tutu were both caught in the sudden surge of energy .

Feathers and fur flew in the air .

They were from both the bird and the cub!

Feng Wu opened her eyes wide in panic .

Her two little friends had jumped out to save her in a life and death moment, and both of them wound up trapped by Guillotine Seven’s sword . If she didn’t do something now, they would be killed!

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