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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:13:15 PM
Chapter 974
974 Ambush In the Alley 3 Feng Wu felt suffocated!

Why was this damn assassin so talkative? And she wanted to throttle him whenever he spoke!

Guillotine Seven said, “Kiddo, are you going to admit defeat now?”

Feng Wu snorted . “What difference will it make?”

It was impossible for her to defeat him . Blood was running down her right arm . Had it not been for her special ability, which enabled her wounds to recover more quickly, she would have bled to death by now .

Guillotine Seven said, “If you do, come over here and get on your knees!”

Feng Wu asked, “And if I say no?”

Guillotine Seven sneered at her . “Then you’re dead! Just to let you know, a dead body won’t stop me doing what I want to do to you . ”

Feng Wu was speechless . That was outrageous! Go to hell!

Despite the burning rage, she managed to keep her face very calm .

She slowly walked toward Guillotine Seven .

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She would still have a chance if he were a Level 7 or 8 Spiritual Grandmaster, but he was a Spiritual Elder… She was out of options .

To this man, she was no more than an ant .

The assassin gloated as he watched the beautiful girl walk toward him .

Feng Wu didn’t let her face betray anything, but she was secretly getting all her available resources ready!

Her poisons, formations, spiritual pets, sword, and spiritual essence…

She was finally less than 50cm away from Guillotine Seven .

The assassin couldn’t hide the arrogant and satisfied look on his face . Standing on high ground, he looked down at Feng Wu in a condescending manner .

To a Spiritual Elder like him, Feng Wu, a Spiritual Grandmaster, was like a doll with which he could do whatever he wanted .

“Jun Linyuan!” Feng Wu cried out all of a sudden .

The crown prince? The assassin jumped!

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Everyone in the Junwu Empire knew who Jun Linyuan was, and everyone feared and was intimidated by that name!

The assassin looked over his shoulder involuntarily .

However, the next second —


Feng Wu struck out!

She had gathered all her spiritual essence into the tip of her foot!

What happened was quicker than words could describe!

She kicked the man in his groin!

She wouldn’t have used such an ignoble move if it wasn’t for the perilous situation she was in .

She had to do it to save her own life!

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Feng Wu spared no effort with that kick, and even outperformed herself a little!


She kicked Guillotine Seven right in his weakest spot!


Guillotine Seven screamed in pain!

He glared at Feng Wu so hard that his eyes popped!

They turned bloodshot red!

“Feng Wu!” Guillotine Seven growled!

That was the opening Feng Wu was looking for!

Obviously, she couldn’t run back home, for no one there was powerful enough to fight him . Going back home now would only put her family in danger .

Hence, Feng Wu ran in the direction she had come from!

Jun Linyuan, help!

The assassin stared at Feng Wu in disbelief as she ran off .

The pain was excruciating, but an assassin’s instinct enabled him to sprint off after her .

“You brat! Stop right there!” He wanted to cut Feng Wu into a thousand pieces!

The girl had badly wounded his genitals!

He could be ruined forever!

This girl had to die for what she did to him!

The assassin pressed a few vital points on the lower half of his body .

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