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Chapter 973
973 Ambush In the Alley 2 On guard, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes .

The energy which this man was giving off was incredible!

Feng Wu realized something right away .

This man was too powerful for her to fight!

“Who are you?” Feng Wu gritted her teeth .

“That’s not important . What you need to know is this: I’m here to kill you . Afraid yet?”

Because of his height, Guillotine Seven here had an ego as big as his inferiority complex .

He had always been scant with words and would always proceed immediately to cut the target’s head off .

However, this girl was simply too pretty, so pretty that he thought she deserved a few more words before she met her end .

“You were sent by the Zuo family, weren’t you?” Feng Wu smiled coldly .

But the assassin wasn’t going to share that piece of information .

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Guillotine Seven said, “That’s not important . You’re going to die here tonight . That’s all you need to know!”

Feng Wu said, “You’re a Spiritual Elder, aren’t you?”

Guillotine Seven nodded .

Feng Wu said, “I’m just a junior Spiritual Grandmaster, and there’s an entire cultivation stage between us . I have no chance . ”

Guillotine Seven nodded .

He thought the same .

Feng Wu said, “How about showing me some mercy before I die? I don’t need you to answer my questions . Just drop me some hints with your actions .

“Put out your left foot first if it was the Zuo family who sent you, and your right foot first if you were hired by someone else . ”

Feng Wu then stared at Guillotine Seven’s feet .

It was against his work ethic to leak information on his employer, but Guillotine Seven had the freedom to decide which foot he stepped out with first .

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He moved his left foot without hesitation .

Feng Wu smiled bitterly . So, it really was the Zuo family .

She wanted to slap Jun Linyuan so badly .

Her ability wouldn’t have been exposed if she hadn’t been trying to save him . That way, the Zuo family would have been kept in the dark .


Feng Wu shook her head . That wasn’t the case . The Zuo family had locked onto her ever since she got back from Northern Border City .

With or without cultivation ability, she was already the person that they had decided to kill!

For she was the loose end they had to get rid of .

“Kiddo, do you want to do it yourself, or shall I do it for you?” Guillotine Seven, aka the dwarf, looked Feng Wu up and down with a malicious smile .

Feng Wu asked, “Do what?”

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Guillotine Seven grinned . “You’re too pretty to die like this . I think I’ll have a taste of that delicious body of yours before it gets cold!”

After that, he reached out to grab Feng Wu!

“You bastard!” Feng Wu stepped back involuntarily, dodging Guillotine Seven’s hands .

“That’s a nice surprise . I didn’t think you could do that . ” Feng Wu’s speed surprised Guillotine Seven .

But only a little .

Feng Wu was only a junior Spiritual Grandmaster, and he was a Spiritual Elder . The disparity between their cultivation levels was too great for her to do anything, and the dwarf believed he could play her like a cat teasing a mouse .

Guillotine Seven let Feng Wu move away a little . The next second, he pounced at her again .

His filthy hands reached for Feng Wu’s shoulders .

Feng Wu struck out without hesitation .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Guillotine Seven looked surprised after they exchanged a few blows .

“That’s not bad . You’re actually an intermediate Spiritual Grandmaster! A Level 5!”

According to the Zuo family, this girl was a Level 4 Spiritual Grandmaster .

So what if she was a level higher?

To Guillotine Seven, it made no difference .


After another three strikes, Guillotine Seven dragged his sword across Feng Wu’s right arm .

Blood gushed out!

Guillotine Seven smiled maliciously . “You’re bleeding . That makes you even more delicious . ”

This sick bastard!

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