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Chapter 972
972 Ambush In the Alley 1 Feng Wu ran as fast as she could after leaving the crown prince’s residence .

She flitted through the streets like a shadow .

Little did she know, a trap was waiting for her up ahead .

The Zuo family .

Sitting in his room, Zuo Ming was playing with a transparent ring .

“Master, will we be able to kill Feng Wu this time?”

Mrs Zuo’s voice came from the inner room .

Zuo Ming smirked . “Don’t worry . Unlike Blade, the members of Flying Guillotine are true professionals . ”

Blade had disappointed him greatly .

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Zuo Ming had had high hopes for Blade, but he learned from the other person he had hired that the team had been annihilated in Proud Snowfield .

“Good! I won’t sleep in peace until that Feng Wu is dead . ” Mrs Zuo patted her chest .

Zuo Ming said, “She’s just a girl; you shouldn’t take her too seriously . ”

Mrs Zuo retorted, “She’s not just any girl! She used to drive Qingluan crazy! We had to go to such lengths to destroy her back then, but she’s just gotten her ability back! She just won’t die!”

Mrs Zuo was so concerned because she knew that Feng Wu was more talented than Zuo Qingluan . She feared that Feng Wu would outshine Zuo Qingluan again .

Mr Zuo, on the other hand, didn’t think much of it . “Don’t worry . She’s just a junior Spiritual Grandmaster; she’s hardly a threat to us . ”

Zuo Ming considered themselves very lucky, for Feng Wu had exposed herself this time . Otherwise, the girl could have kept it under wraps and practiced in secret . That way, she would have been able to bare her fangs when it was too late for them to do anything…

When that happened, they would have been caught off guard .

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“Feng Wu is as weak as an ant . Don’t waste your energy on her . ” Zuo Ming smirked .

Mrs Zuo asked, “Master, have you hired someone very capable this time?”

Zuo Ming said, “She’s just a junior Spiritual Grandmaster, but the Flying Guillotine hitman I hired this time is one of their top eight assassins!”

Mrs Zuo’s eyes lit up . “That’ll make him a Spiritual Elder, then?”

Zuo Ming nodded . “That’s right . He’s more than good enough to take care of that girl . Now, how about some nice wine and fine food tonight to celebrate?”

Mrs Zuo rejoiced . “That sounds great . ”

She left the room in a great mood .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu had been taking every shortcut she could find to get back home .

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She wanted to see her beautiful master now .

However, she stopped abruptly when she walked into an alley .

She didn’t like the feeling it gave her .

All of a sudden!

Feng Wu frowned, then quickly shifted to one side!


An explosion went off, right where she had been standing .

If she hadn’t sensed the abnormality and stepped away… She would probably have been killed, or mangled at the very least!

How terrifying this power was!

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu scanned her surroundings . Very quickly, she fixed her gaze on a corner . “You can come out now . ”

Teehee —

An eerie sound came out of the wall . Soon, a faint shadow emerged and materialized into a tiny man who blocked Feng Wu’s way .

It was a dwarf .

He barely reached Feng Wu’s waist, and one would take him for a kid at first . However, upon closer look, one would realize that he was in his 40s at least .

The dwarf stared at Feng Wu with a libidinous spark in his eyes .

“What a pretty girl . What a waste…” The dwarf tutted as he walked toward Feng Wu .

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