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Chapter 971
Chapter 971: In the Hot Spring… (3)

His beauty was simply breathtaking .

It would be a crime not to say yes!

With no other choice, Feng Wu sat down by the pool behind him, picked up a towel, and began to scrub his back .

She wasn’t exactly gentle, but she made sure that she avoided all his wounds .

At an angle that Feng Wu couldn’t see, the teenager was smiling wholeheartedly . His eyes twinkled .

β€œSatisfied?” Feng Wu stopped after a few perfunctory moves and asked .

The smile vanished from the teenager’s face, and he said in a disgruntled voice, β€œBut my maids would give me a massage . ”

Feng Wu took a deep breath . β€œJun Linyuan, are you ever going to stop? Why do you have so many requests?!”

She slapped the water with the towel in frustration .

She could sense the teenager’s back stiffen, and a hush fell over the room…

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Feng Wu wanted to smack herself on the head .

She had taken it out on Jun Linyuan .

Because she was eager to go home . Apart from checking up on her mum, she also wanted to get back into her ring and place that broken star piece on her beautiful master’s forehead .

According to Little Phoenix, her beautiful master would wake up after she collected all five broken star pieces .

And he would wake up momentarily whenever she inserted a piece .

It had been five years since Feng Wu talked to her master, and she desperately wanted to go back home, where she could have some privacy . Every cell in her body was screaming her need to see her master now .

But Jun Linyuan was being impossible again, and was keeping her from returning home . That was why she lost it .

But when she saw him stiffen up and sensed the tension in the air… Feng Wu realized that she had gone too far .

β€œSorry, I was just —”

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Feng Wu wanted to explain, but the crown prince had come out of the pool .

His lips were pursed in a thin line and his face was taut . She could see the struggle and grievance in his eyes, as well as an imminent storm .

β€œJun Linyuan, I…”

β€œGet out!” Glaring at Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan bellowed like a wounded beast . He looked both merciless and enraged .

He was about to go berserk!

That meant he was genuinely mad .

Feng Wu wanted to say something, but Jun Linyuan cut her off with a ferocious look in his eyes . β€œGo! Before I change my mind!”

Feng Wu saw the madness in his eyes .

She was only doing what she was told to .

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Feng Wu turned around and ran out of the room!

She didn’t make it very far before she heard the sound of rumbling behind her .

Turning around, Feng Wu saw the only indoor hot spring in the imperial capital, one that was even more luxurious than anything in the imperial palace, collapse!

The noise alarmed many people, and Feng Wu could hear footsteps coming from all directions .

Then, she saw Jun Linyuan staring at her with a murderous look in his eyes!

Go! Before I change my mind!Β She could still hear Jun Linyuan’s voice in her head .

At that thought, Feng Wu turned around and sprinted off!

She ran as fast as she could . Behind her, she could hear people crying out . β€œYour Royal Highness, are you alright? Your Royal Highness —”

It was Feng and Granny Gong .

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu tried to convince herself that she had removed what was left of the toxin from Jun Linyuan’s system, and even now, his internal injuries were recovering . He would be fine . He would…

Jumping over the wall, Feng Wu headed for home, running as fast as she could!

Soon, she would be able to talk to her beautiful master again .

But somehow… she felt a little heartbroken .

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