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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:13:28 PM
Chapter 969
Chapter 969: In the Hot Spring… (1)

The crown prince’s residence .

Jun Linyuan still wouldn’t let go of Feng Wu’s hand after they got out of the carriage . His grip was so tight that Feng Wu couldn’t break free from it .

She stared at Jun Linyuan in resignation .

Jun Linyuan said in a righteous tone, “You came back with me willingly!”

Feng Wu gritted her teeth!

Did she have a choice? His guards wouldn’t allow her to go anywhere else!

Vexed, Feng Wu bit Jun Linyuan’s hand .

However —

His hand might seem fair and smooth, but Feng Wu almost broke her teeth on it .

Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan!

The arrogant crown prince’s face softened, and he actually smiled .

“Are you a dog?”

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Feng Wu wanted to stomp on Jun Linyuan’s foot, but —

Jun Linyuan put a palm on her forehead and was able to keep her at arm’s length . She couldn’t move any closer no matter how hard she tried .

Despite the hand on her forehead, Feng Wu pressed forward like an obstinate calf . “Jun Linyuan! Stop it!”

Despite his injuries, Jun Linyuan could handle Feng Wu with minimal effort .

She could neither bite him nor step on his foot… Feng Wu shouted in frustration .

Jun Linyuan’s face lit up, and he raised an eyebrow and grinned .

They were outside his residence now, and in a spot where people came and went .

Many saw what was going on .

And their eyes widened .

Holy shit!

His Royal Highness was smiling…

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The crown prince, who was known for his cruelty and relentlessness, was smiling!

And it was a cherubic, harmless, and relaxed smile .

Was he the same crown prince that they knew?

That was what Feng and Granny Gong saw when they arrived .

They exchanged wry smiles .

His Royal Highness would pay the price for pissing Feng Wu off .

Before Feng Wu completely lost it, Feng interjected, “Your Royal Highness, the hot spring is ready . You can enjoy it anytime you want . ”

“I’ll deal with you later . ” Jun Linyuan sneered at Feng Wu . “For now, follow me . ”

He then turned to leave .

Feng Wu wanted to kick some ass!

And she was already imagining doing it to Jun Linyuan!

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If Jun Linyuan landed on his face… Hahaha!

However, Feng Wu was still enjoying her daydream when Granny Gong took her hand . “Miss Wu, please don’t try anything reckless, and just go with His Royal Highness . ”

After that, Granny Gong gently pushed Feng Wu forward .

She must have used some trick, for before Feng Wu realized it, she was right behind Jun Linyuan .

Thump —

She bumped into Jun Linyuan .

Holding her arms to steady her, Jun Linyuan shot her a contemptuous glance . “I see you can’t wait . ”

Feng Wu wanted to scream!

What the hell?!

She wanted to kick his ass, but Granny Gong pushed her toward him!

Feng Wu glared at Granny Gong over her shoulder .

However, that kind old lady winked at her with a “thank me later” look on her face .

Feng Wu was speechless .

Jun Linyuan said arrogantly, “Well, if you’re so eager, I’ll grant you your wish . ”

Feng Wu asked, “What wish?”

Jun Linyuan glanced at her . “What do you think?”

Then, with a light push, the door to the hot spring opened . Inside was a room full of pretty maids .

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