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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:16:39 PM
Chapter 948
Chapter 948: The Amazing Feng Wu (5)

Master Chu nodded, then took out some silver needles to treat Jun Linyuan .

However, Jun Linyuan’s muscles had stiffened under the effect of the toxin, and the needles wouldn’t go in .

Master Chu was speechless .

He had to try a different method, and switched to the green light .

It was a skill only mastered by Supreme Level medicine refiners .

However —

To everyone’s surprise —

The pale green light only floated over the crown prince and wouldn’t sink into his body .

The empress dowager almost fainted .

“Why is this happening? Why? Didn’t Feng Wu use the green light to treat him before? Why can hers work, but not yours? Why?!”

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She spoke fast and loudly in an accusing tone .

Master Chu was equally baffled . He had no idea why this was happening .

The only reason he could think of was that the crown prince was actively refusing his treatment . But… that wasn’t possible .

Master Chu was utterly dumbfounded .

He had never experienced something this unusual in all his years working as a doctor .

“What now? Is the crown prince going to die?!” The empress dowager was almost in tears .

Master Chu said, “His Royal Highness is suffering from a most unusual injury and I only understand half of it . I’m afraid that I can’t figure out the other half . ”

The empress dowager bellowed, “If you can’t do it, who else can?!”

The same name came to everyone’s mind .

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“Feng Wu?!”

Emperor Wu, the empress dowager, and Lady Northern Feng, who hadn’t left yet, cried out in unison .

Master Chu nodded . “I’m afraid Miss Feng Wu is our only hope . Otherwise…”

He went on despite the empress dowager’s glare . “Otherwise, we may lose His Royal Highness forever…”

The empress dowager shuddered . “But you told me the crown prince was alright!”

Master Chu gave her a wry smile . “This is… unexpected . ”

The old lady glared at him . “What are we waiting for, then? Summon Feng Wu to court! Send her an imperial edict! No, that’ll take too long . My verbal command will do . ”

She nudged Lady Northern Feng as she spoke .

Lady Northern Feng was bewildered . “Huh?”

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The empress dowager cast a stern look at her . “Don’t just stand there! Go to the Feng manor and bring Feng Wu here! Quickly! Move!”

Lady Northern Feng sighed inwardly .

Just minutes ago, the old lady had announced that Feng Wu was never to set foot in the imperial palace nor meet the crown prince again…

Now that the boy’s life was in danger, the old lady had forgotten everything she had said?

Although, Lady Northern Feng was glad how things had turned out .

The empress dowager had practically slapped herself in the face .

“Sure, I’ll go get Feng Wu now . ” Lady Northern Feng left happily .

Meanwhile —

Feng Wu had no idea what was happening in court, for she was standing right outside her Fallen Star Yard .

And the entrance was blocked by a row of guards .

Not only was the entrance blocked, guards were also lined up under the walls .

All of Fallen Star Yard was surrounded, and no one was allowed to come out .

Feng Wu’s face darkened .

She knew what was going on .

People were messing with her family, the thing she valued the most!

“Move . ” Feng Wu stared at the guards .

However, determined to carry out Feng Yanfeng’s order, the guards only held their ground and looked coldly at Feng Wu .

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