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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:16:46 PM
Chapter 947
Chapter 947: The Amazing Feng Wu (4)

The empress dowager snorted . “I don’t want to hear that name ever again!

“And, she’s not to see the crown prince or set foot in the imperial palace! I’ll have her killed if she doesn’t obey!” The empress dowager glared at Lady Northern Feng . “You, go tell Feng Wu that! Now!”

Lady Northern Feng was conflicted…

The empress dowager had been a capricious old lady for years, but she hadn’t always been this awful…

What did Xiao Wu do?

She had saved the crown prince twice, and she only took that heart and spiritual essence in between treating him .

But Jun Linyuan hadn’t needed her at the time, and her actions hadn’t harmed the crown prince . Why couldn’t the empress dowager be reasonable?

Lady Northern Feng wanted to speak up for little Feng Wu, but she had tried several times and the empress dowager wasn’t buying any of it . If she tried to explain to the old lady now… she would be hated alongside Feng Wu .

At that thought, Lady Northern Feng stared at Emperor Wu helplessly .

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She believed that Emperor Wu was reasonable . She could talk to him .

Emperor Wu shrugged at Lady Northern Feng . He understood what Feng Wu had done, but she had disrespected the crown prince and the royal family .

Lady Northern Feng was speechless .

So, her Xiao Wu was hated even after saving the crown prince twice, just because she had been a little rough? Feng Wu couldn’t be any more innocent…

Slowly, Lady Northern Feng rose to her feet and began to walk toward the door .

How she hoped that the empress dowager would stop her .

But —

The old lady didn’t even look at her . She kept her gaze on Jun Linyuan the entire time .

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Lady Northern Feng turned and noticed that Jun Linyuan’s eyelashes were quivering .

Wait, was the crown prince awake?

Just then —

“Retch —”

He began to convulse and foam at the mouth!

The empress dowager was almost scared to death!

“What’s happening? What’s wrong with the crown prince? Help him!” The empress dowager panicked and she pushed Master Chu toward the bed .

Master Chu’s eyes widened!

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What was going on?

The crown prince’s pulse had been weak but steady and smooth . How… where did this violent reaction come from?!

Soon, Jun Linyuan’s face was tinged with a gray hue…

The poison had activated!

Hadn’t the remaining poison been suppressed? Master Chu had been planning to gradually extract the toxin from Jun Linyuan’s system a little at a time, but —

Master Chu sat down, took a deep breath, and calmed down before he checked Jun Linyuan’s pulse again .

What he found baffled him .

The empress dowager stared at Master Chu, so nervous that she thought her heart was going to jump out of her throat!

“What? How’s the crown prince now?!” she asked hastily .

Master Chu couldn’t understand it . This type of reaction shouldn’t be happening in the first place . Why? Everything had been fine!

Unless, the crown prince had activated the toxin himself .

But… why would the crown prince do that? It wasn’t possible . Master Chu ruled out the possibility .

However, he couldn’t think of another one .

Master Chu racked his brain but still couldn’t figure it out .

Master Chu shook his head . “It’s an unexpected reaction from the toxin . The most important thing now is to suppress it . ”

“So suppress it! Do it now!” The empress dowager was anxious .

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