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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:17:09 PM
Chapter 942
Chapter 942: No, No, No… Never…

Mu Yaoyao gritted her teeth . “Feng Wu, I didn’t know you could be bold enough to cheat in the physical tryout!”

She began to make up a charge to pin on Feng Wu .

However, the crowd wasn’t convinced…

As a matter of fact, if they hadn’t seen how Feng Wu reacted when she fell into the fissure, or how she had revealed her cultivation ability and killed the beast at the last moment, or how she had lit up all seven stars by absorbing the beast’s spiritual essence…

They would have thought that Feng Wu had cheated, too .

But Feng Wu had demonstrated her cultivation ability .

Although they didn’t know exactly what level she was at, judging from her swift reactions, she was definitely one of the best among all the candidates .

Mu Yaoyao stared at Feng Wu . “No! So what if you lit up all seven stars by cheating? There’s still Yu Mingye! He’ll be first!”

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After that, Mu Yaoyao turned to look at the big screen .

And she froze .

For she saw Feng Wu’s name high up at the top of the list!

Mu Yaoyao’s knees buckled, her muscles went stiff, her heart pounded, and she couldn’t breathe!

She stared at the rankings in disbelief!

“No, no, no… That’s impossible… There has to be a mistake…” Mu Yaoyao wouldn’t believe it!

She had noticed before Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan fell into the gap that Feng Wu didn’t have a single star!

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Not a single one!

But it had only been more than an hour since they fell . How could Feng Wu light up all seven in such a short period of time? How?!

“And aren’t you supposed to be a cripple? You don’t have any spiritual essence! How can you light up the stars without it? Feng Wu, you —” Mu Yaoyao gritted her teeth .

But —

Someone in the crowd interjected .

“Feng Wu doesn’t have cultivation ability? Says who?”

Someone else chimed in .

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“That’s right . Who told you Feng Wu has no spiritual essence?”

Mu Yaoyao turned her head abruptly . “What did you say?!”

“It’s the truth . Everyone saw it . Feng Wu can cultivate and she has spiritual essence . She’s a much better cultivator than you are, Princess Mu . ”

Mu Yaoyao yelled, “That’s not possible!”

Mu Yaoyao could ignore the words if they were from just one person .

Or from two people .

But what if it was from a large group of people? What if that group contained tens of thousands of people?

Mu Yaoyao stood there, dazed, while everyone told her about what happened after Feng Wu fell into the gap .

Everyone began to talk at the same time, telling Mu Yaoyao everything that had happened in detail .

Mu Yaoyao was speechless .

Feng Wu didn’t interrupt, and only watched with a mild smile on her face .

“Shall we proceed with our bet now?” Feng Wu said, waking Mu Yaoyao up from her trance-like state .

Mu Yaoyao was speechless .

She swayed, recalling what she had said just then .

“Feng Wu, many people were there to witness our bet . You can’t deny it by saying that you don’t remember it . ”

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