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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:17:15 PM
Chapter 941
Chapter 941: Impossible!

Mu Yaoyao had her back to the screen and didn’t see the rankings . Therefore, she took it for granted that Feng Wu hadn’t made it into the top 200, for she still thought Feng Wu was that Failure Wu that everyone knew .

“Feng Wu, many people were there to witness our bet . You can’t deny it by saying that you don’t remember it . ” Mu Yaoyao took a written copy of their agreement and smacked it on the wall .

She shouted, “Everyone, look! Here’s my bet with Feng Wu!”

The font was rather large, and people could see the words from a distance .

Because of that, the looks on their faces became even stranger .

Mu Yaoyao’s attention was on Feng Wu the entire time, and she failed to notice the strange looks . She only sneered at Feng Wu . “See? Remember now? This is our bet! Look —”

Mu Yaoyao snorted as she pointed at the piece of paper . “You can have my head if you get first! But, if you can’t, I’ll have yours . ”

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A hush fell over the crowd…

People were practically gawking at Mu Yaoyao now .

The live feed might have been cut off, but the rankings were still there . Why would Mu Yaoyao humiliate herself like this?

Feng Wu was facing the screen, and she saw her own name high up on the screen right away . She was first .

Feng Wu frowned a little . “Do you really have to be so serious about the bet?”

Mu Yaoyao laughed .

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So, Feng Wu was going to recant her words .

But she would never let Feng Wu do that . She wanted Feng Wu dead .

Hence, Mu Yaoyao smirked . “Stop trying to change the subject . It won’t work! It’s all written there, on paper! We had so many witnesses! You can’t pretend that the bet never happened!”

Feng Wu shook her head . “Does it have to be that serious? Do you really want to put your life at stake?”

“Yes! Watching you die will be the most satisfactory thing in my life! You’re so dead today!” Taking a dagger out of her chest pocket, Mu Yaoyao tossed it to Feng Wu . ”Are you going to do it, or do I have to do it myself?”

Feng Wu sighed . “Mu Yaoyao, it really doesn’t have to end like this . ”

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Mu Yaoyao snorted . “It does, and it will! I’ll never forgive you! What are you gonna do?!”

Feng Wu sighed . “Are you sure you want to carry out this bet?”

“Of course I do! There’s no turning back!” Mu Yaoyao sneered at her .

Feng Wu shook her head and took off her hat, revealing the seven stars on her headband .

Mu Yaoyao was dumbfounded!

Her eyes widened and she stared at Feng Wu, utterly speechless!

She was so shocked that her eyes popped out!

“No! That’s impossible! How can it be? No!!!” Mu Yaoyao screamed!

Seven stars were lit up on Feng Wu’s headband!

All seven of them!

What did that mean?

It meant that Feng Wu had gotten full marks in the physical tryout!

“Aren’t you a cripple? How could you get all seven stars? You cheated! You must have!”

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