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Chapter 940
Chapter 940: Don’t Forget Our Bet

Lady Northern Feng had to explain on Feng Wu’s behalf . “Your Majesty, little Feng Wu is still taking the exam . She’ll get a zero if she doesn’t absorb the spiritual essence now . ”

The old lady was still displeased . “So what if she gets a zero? What does it matter? Are those marks more important than my Baby Jun?”

Lady Northern Feng said in resignation, “I heard that little Feng Wu made a bet with someone, and she’ll die if she loses . ”

The empress dowager said, “She’s more important than Baby Jun? Yaya, is that what you’re saying? Why are you on her side? Does that girl mean more than Baby Jun to you?”

Lady Northern Feng was speechless…

What more could she say at this point?

She had no choice but to pick sides . “His Royal Highness is more important, of course, but I’m sure Xiao Wu only did that because she knew that the crown prince was…”

“What?” The empress dowager cast a stern look at Lady Northern Feng .

Lady Northern Feng was speechless .

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On the other side, Feng Wu finally drained the beast of all its spiritual essence, but she still wasn’t satisfied with the outcome .

If she hadn’t been busy saving Jun Linyuan, she would have had more time to work on the beast, and could have absorbed much more spiritual essence!

Just then, the countdown started .

Ten, nine, eight, seven…

And the last second!


Everyone was teleported out of Proud Snowfield in that instant .

Light flashed in Feng Wu’s head, and the next second, she was in a teleportation space .

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All the candidates were there, except for the 100 that had withdrawn from the exam .

During the short period of time before the exam ended, other than running away from that fissure in the ground, everyone had been hunting as many magical beasts as they could, so that they could accumulate more spiritual essence .

The life-threatening danger was temporarily forgotten, and lighting up the stars became their top priority .

Mu Yaoyao’s first reaction was to look at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu had a hat over her head, and Mu Yaoyao couldn’t tell how many stars were lit up on her headband .

However, Mu Yaoyao wasn’t worried about it at all, for she remembered that the last time she saw it, Feng Wu didn’t have a single star .

Mu Yaoyao was thrilled when she thought about their bet .

She had bet her own life against Feng Wu’s!

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Feng Wu would have to cut her own head off if she couldn’t get first in the physical tryout, or Mu Yaoyao would if Feng Wu did!

Mu Yaoyao touched her neck . Her head was going to stay there for a very long time . She was sure of it .

Hence, she gave Feng Wu a taunting look . “Feng Wu, you didn’t forget our bet, did you?”

“Our bet?” Feng Wu darted a look at Mu Yaoyao .

Before Mu Yaoyao could reply, there was a whooshing sound .

Everyone was teleported out .

Outside, the royal guards had taken control of the square and cleared some space .

As soon as Jun Linyuan showed up, and before he could say a word, he was carried off on a stretcher by those people sent by the empress dowager .

Weakened and half-conscious, Jun Linyuan didn’t try to resist .

Mu Yaoyao felt sorry when she saw Jun Linyuan carried away .

She had wanted the crown prince to watch while she had Feng Wu killed . It seemed that that wasn’t going to happen… However, Feng Wu would die nonetheless!

At that thought, Mu Yaoyao stared at Feng Wu coldly . “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten our bet . Feng Wu, do you think you can get away with it that easily?!”

Many people gave Mu Yaoyao strange looks at those words .

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