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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:17:22 PM
Chapter 939
Chapter 939: Baby Jun Is My Top Priority

Grand Secretary Fang counted the number of days in his head .

The seven days would be up in a few minutes, and he prayed that Feng Wu would be very careful in the little time that was left . She couldn’t afford any mistakes now .

What she was doing just then… He hoped that she was only doing it to save the teenager .

On the other side of the screen .

Feng Wu smacked her head . “Hey, I almost got my priorities wrong . ”

She then ran off, leaving Jun Linyuan behind .

The empress dowager was dumbfounded!

Her Baby Jun was the apple of her eye and the crown prince of the empire! What was that Feng Wu girl doing? She left him in the middle of treatment? What was she up to?!

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The camera followed Feng Wu, for she was the candidate .

The empress dowager watched as Feng Wu ran over to the beast and stuck her fair hands into its chest . She began to fumble around inside .

The old lady frowned and her face turned livid .

How was that beast more important than her Baby Jun?!

A moment later, Feng Wu took out a fist-sized heart from its chest and carefully put it into a storage bag .

The empress dowager’s eyes lit up!

She grabbed Emperor Wu’s hand immediately and asked loudly, “That storage bag belongs to my Baby Jun, right? It’s his, isn’t it? I saw it on him the other day!”

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Emperor Wu nodded . “Yes, it’s his . ”

The empress dowager frowned . “But why is that girl using my Baby Jun’s bag? How did she get her hands on it? Did she steal it from him?”

Feng Wu had never left a good impression on the old lady . With everything that had happened, she only disliked Feng Wu more .

Lady Northern Feng tried to speak up for Feng Wu . “She couldn’t have . She wouldn’t dare to do such a thing . There has to be some sort of misunderstanding here . ”

The empress dowager cast a stern look at Lady Northern Feng . “Why couldn’t she? Tell me how else she got it, then? Hmph!”

Lady Northern Feng rubbed her forehead .

That was what the old lady was like . She wouldn’t hear one bad word about people she liked, but for those that didn’t earn her affection, she wouldn’t give them a chance .

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The old lady stared at Feng Wu . “Why isn’t she treating my Baby Jun? What’s she doing there?”

Then, the old lady saw Feng Wu put a hand on the beast’s forehead, and a faint streak of spiritual essence flowed from the beast to Feng Wu .

Even a blind man could see that Feng Wu was absorbing the Frosty Night Beast’s spiritual essence!

The empress dowager was furious!

She smacked the table . “My Baby Jun is in such bad condition! Why is she carving out the beast’s heart when she should be looking after him?! And she’s so busy absorbing that beast’s spiritual essence! What’s wrong with her?!”

Lady Northern Feng darted a quick glance at the empress dowager .

Your Majesty, that’s no common magical beast . That’s a Frosty Night Beast!

And its heart was known as the Heart of Frost Essence!

Not to mention that the beast’s spiritual essence was incredibly dense!

Sure enough, Lady Northern Feng noticed the gray stars on Feng Wu’s headband begin to flicker .

Then, like little candles, they lit up one after another .

One, two, three… all seven!

There were seven of them in total and only after the system deemed the candidate worthy of 700 points would they all light up .

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