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Chapter 938
Chapter 938: His Twinkling Eyes

Emperor Wu didn’t want to admit what that meant .

The empress dowager gritted her teeth . “So, the girl has been trying to save Baby Jun all along?”

Lady Northern Feng and Emperor Wu nodded in unison .

The old lady snorted . “Fine . But why did she kiss Baby Jun? Was that a down payment?”

Lady Northern Feng said, “Your Majesty… I’ve heard about this method of breathing into another person’s mouth . It’s said to be a way to save those that aren’t breathing . ”

“Really?” the empress dowager asked .

Lady Northern Feng nodded . “Yes . I think that was what little Feng Wu was doing . ”

The empress dowager snorted . “How can you tell? There will be consequences if she can’t save Baby Jun!”

Lady Northern Feng rubbed her forehead .

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The empress dowager was so biased .

What had Feng Wu done to deserve this?

Did she want to be snatched by the beast?

Did she make the wrong move in trying to save Jun Linyuan?

And shouldn’t she try to get Jun Linyuan breathing again?

And what was wrong with treating Jun Linyuan with acupuncture?

She should be applauded, even if it was just for her efforts alone .

However, to the old lady, Feng Wu would be executed if she failed to cure Jun Linyuan .

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Poor kid…

Lady Northern Feng sighed and said a silent prayer for Feng Wu .

Meanwhile, on the other side of the screen —

Feng Wu was treating Jun Linyuan with her green light .

And it could cure anything!

The light flitted around Jun Linyuan like fireflies, and the dots danced in the air like little fairies . It then seeped into his skin and entered his system .

Once all the light had been absorbed —

To Feng Wu’s relief, she saw Jun Linyuan frown a little .

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Recalling what a neat freak Jun Linyuan was, Feng Wu wet her handkerchief with some ice water and began to wipe him clean .

That was what Jun Linyuan saw when he woke up — Feng Wu tidying him up .

Her bright eyes looked stunning in her tiny face . While she cleaned him, there was something very gentle about her, which was something he very rarely saw .

Jun Linyuan watched her movements with half-closed eyes .

“You…” His husky voice sounded mesmerizingly sexy .

Feng Wu said grumpily, “You’re still very sick . The toxin isn’t completely out of your system yet and it’s given you a fever . It’s very serious . So, don’t talk and lay still . ”

Despite his weakened state, Jun Linyuan still had a brooding look in his eyes, which reminded one of the bottomless ocean . The only thing he did was to touch his lips lightly with his fingers .

His eyes twinkled .

Feng Wu hadn’t thought much of it when she performed the CPR, but Jun Linyuan’s movement gave the whole thing a different meaning .

She threw a dirty look at Jun Linyuan .

The tiniest smile appeared in Jun Linyuan’s eyes, but it was gone in a split second . Even Feng Wu missed it, let alone the other people watching .

Outside Cining Palace, Zuo Ming clenched his fists with a livid face .

Zuo Qingluan had been rising rapidly in the last five years, and so had the Zuo family . They had moved from the bottom of the list up to fifth of the nine major clans!

They had always been convinced that Feng Wu was a good-for-nothing, and the killing squad had only been sent in to tie up loose ends . Zuo Ming was genuinely surprised that Feng Wu had gotten her ability back .

How had she done it?

Did she still have True Phoenix Blood?

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