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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:18:00 PM
Chapter 927
Chapter 927: The Great Fissure

Meanwhile, the bosses had arrived at the office .

The candidate rankings were already on display on the screen .

Snow fell thick and fast, the snowflakes dancing in a hazy mist .

Frost hung over the gleaming white snowfield .

Grand Secretary Fang and the others cried out when they saw the amount of snow .

It was so much thicker than the last time they set eyes on the snowfield!

It had more than doubled!

They couldn’t begin to imagine how cold it had to be in Proud Snowfield .

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No one could take their eyes off the candidates on the screen .

The teenagers that used to be so vivacious looked miserable at the moment . Their cheeks were red and chapped from the cold wind and their lips had turned purple . Frost had covered their eyebrows and hair, turning them into human-sized snowmen .

“Grand Secretary Fang, many parents outside are demanding to see the live feed,” one of the teachers came in and said to Grand Secretary Fang in a hurry .

Grand Secretary Fang frowned . The request wasn’t unprecedented, but —

“His Majesty commanded that Mr Fang should show the live feed of Proud Snowfield to the parents to spare them the anxiety…”

Grand Secretary Fang was still hesitating when the chief steward showed up .

His Majesty had spoken, so of course, Grand Secretary Fang had to oblige .

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Hence, Grand Secretary Fang agreed with a wave of his hand . “Show them . And transmit a feed to the royal palace, too . ”

Naturally, Grand Secretary Fang knew that the empress dowager was worried about the crown prince . Now that she could see the crown prince again, she would be pleased .

Zuo Ming’s stomach lurched when he heard the news .


What if the camera caught the people he sent in… What should he do then?

He had sent two teams of people in . One was the killing squad Blade, who was to hunt down Feng Wu .

The other was a mysterious and powerful cultivator who was there to cut off communication .

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None of them could be seen! Zuo Ming clenched his fists and realized that things were getting out of hand .

“Mr Zuo, you look concerned . ” Grand Secretary Fang gave Zuo Ming a knowing look .

Since the live feed was being made available to the public, Zuo Ming was invited into the office as well .

It was a place that normally was only accessible to the seven elders of Imperial College .

Zuo Ming was perturbed, but managed to keep his composure . He smiled . “You’re making fun of me, Grand Secretary Fang . No one from my family is taking the exam this year, which is why I’m not concerned at all . ”

“Is that so?” Grand Secretary Fang said in a casual tone .

Zuo Ming said a silent prayer, and hoped that Grand Secretary Fang didn’t have too sharp a pair of eyes .

“Let’s have a look at His Royal Highness first, then,” Zuo Ming proposed .

Grand Secretary Fang had control over the live feed, and could decide which candidate would be shown on the screen .

But Grand Secretary Fang shook his head . “His Royal Highness isn’t a candidate and can’t be located like the others . What’s more, His Royal Highness made himself untraceable from the beginning, which makes it impossible to show him on the screen . Unless…”

Zuo Ming asked, “Unless what?”

Grand Secretary Fang said, “Unless he’s with a candidate . ”

Controlled by Grand Secretary Fang’s mind, the screen showed the snowfield from a high vantage point as the camera quickly flitted through the land .

Soon, the camera fixed on Xuanyuan Yi .

Xuanyuan Yi was running for his life, along with the group of people behind him!

“Oh, god, the mountains have collapsed, and there’s a great fissure in the snowfield…” Shocked, Elder Xuanyuan was the first to get to his feet!

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