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Chapter 914
Chapter 914: I Don’t Buy It

That Frosty Night Beast had become her only source of spiritual essence, but Feng Wu would be finished off in one blow if she tried to face it on her own .

That was to say, if she still wanted to be first, Jun Linyuan was her only hope .

Feng Wu looked even more frustrated after figuring that out .

Jun Linyuan stared at her the whole time . His eyes were bright but brooding .

He was doing everything aboveboard .

And that was why Feng Wu couldn’t say no to the offer .

Feng Wu was a smart girl who took note of the situation . Jun Linyuan believed that she wouldn’t choose otherwise .

Leaning against the headboard, Jun Linyuan smiled at Feng Wu with a confident look in his eyes .

“Teehee —”

Feng Wu forced herself to beam at him .

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To give in or not, that was the question .

And Feng Wu gave in without hesitation .

She had done it too many times to give a damn anyway .

Feng Wu asked, “Your Royal Highness, how are you feeling? Shall I change your bandages for you?”

Jun Linyuan snorted . “To what do I owe this pleasure?”

Feng Wu went up to him in a hurry and tugged his sleeve . “Your Royal Highness, you flatter me . It would be my honor to change your bandages . I’m at your service . ”

Feng Wu batted her eyelashes and winked . It could take anyone’s breath away .

However, she was dealing with Jun Linyuan .

Although, even the worldly crown prince almost came under her spell . He looked away uneasily .

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Feng Wu said, “Please allow me to undress you .

“That’s done . I’m going to change your bandages now .

“Sorry, I touched your wound . Does it hurt?

“Shall I blow on it?”

Jun Linyuan was speechless .

He had dealt with Feng Wu too many times to fall for her tricks .

The girl was all about an equivalent exchange . She would fold at the slightest threat if she thought it worthwhile .

She finished wrapping Jun Linyuan up again in no time .

After putting everything away, Feng Wu wanted to leave .

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But the crown prince would never cut her loose that easily . Moreover, Feng Wu wasn’t Jun Linyuan’s match when it came to playing tricks . Hence, she had to stay behind and serve him as told .

Outside —

Xuan Yi glanced at Feng Xun . “It’s been an hour . ”

Mu Yaoyao had been in the cabin for less than a minute before the crown prince yelled at her and she fled the scene in tears .

But Feng Wu had been inside for an hour already… What did that mean? It was so obvious .

But Feng Xun still wouldn’t let go of his last hope . “Maybe… Boss Jun is asleep . ”

Xuan Yi rolled his eyes at Feng Xun .

Feng Xun cried out, “I mean it! It’s possible! Right?”

Xuan Yi grabbed Feng Xun’s wrist .

“What? What are you doing?” Xuan Yi dragged Feng Xun toward the cabin .

Xuan Yi said, “To answer your question . ”

He gave Feng Xun a teasing look . “We’re going to put your theory to the test . ”

Feng Xun said, “Alright . ”

“Possibility number one: Boss Jun isn’t in love with Feng Wu, which is your belief . And little Feng Wu was able to stay inside for this long because Boss Jun fell asleep . ”

Feng Xun nodded .

Xuan Yi said, “If that’s the case, Boss Jun won’t be mad with us if we go in now . ”

Feng Xun nodded . “That’s right!”

Xuan Yi had made up his mind that he would make Feng Xun see the light today . Otherwise, the goofball would be killed by Boss Jun one day .

Xuan Yi said, “Alright, here’s possibility number two . Boss Jun is in love with little Feng Wu —”

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