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Chapter 913
Chapter 913: A Threat From His Royal Highness

Xuan Yi cut to the chase . “If you’re still not convinced, let’s talk about the facts . ”

“What facts?” Feng Xun had a bitter taste in his mouth and he felt awful .

If what Xuan Yi said was true… Feng Xun was petrified when he recalled what he had done so far .

He had been more of a hindrance than a help!

Feng Xun looked embarrassed when he recalled telling Boss Jun that since little Feng Wu was his sister, she was as good as a half-sister to the crown prince…

Glancing at Feng Xun, Xuan Yi saw that the guy was still in shock, so he patted him on the shoulder .

Feng Xun asked, “What?”

Xuan Yi said, “It’s going to be a really easy test . Mu Yaoyao ran away in tears when she tried to change Boss Jun’s bandages . We’ll see how he treats little Feng Wu . That’ll answer our questions . ”

Feng Xun nodded . That was a good idea .

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A voice kept telling Feng Xun in his head that Xuan Yi was talking nonsense and that Boss Jun couldn’t be in love with little Feng Wu .

The two teenagers hid behind a pile of snow outside Jun Linyuan’s cabin, and all four eyes were fixed on the closed door .

Behind that closed door —

The medical kit that had given Feng Xun and Mu Yaoyao a hard time popped open under Feng Wu’s fingers with a click .

The last thing Feng Wu wanted was to stay in a room alone with Jun Linyuan .

That was because Feng Xiaowu of Northern Border City had come up in their conversation the last time they were alone . Jun Linyuan’s eyes had been frighteningly bright, and for a split second, Feng Wu thought that he had found out the truth .

That was why Feng Wu felt so uneasy around the guy now .

Hence —

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Setting the medical kit down on the table, Feng Wu said, “Feng Xun will change your bandages after he gets back!”

As for her, she would stay as far away from this guy as possible .

However, she barely made it three steps when —

A cold voice rang out behind her .

“Leave this room . I dare you . ”

Feng Wu jumped at those words and stood still right away .

That was a blatant threat!

Biting her lip, Feng Wu wrinkled her nose .

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What should she do now? She didn’t dare meet Jun Linyuan’s eyes . It was as if he could see through everything . Feng Wu fidgeted .

“Come over here . ”

The crown prince grunted .

Feng Wu wanted to flee, but was stopped by what Jun Linyuan said next . “I see that you don’t want that broken star piece anymore . ”

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

Spinning around, she glared at Jun Linyuan . “What do you want to do to my broken star piece?! You made a promise! You’re going to give it to me when I get into Imperial College as the top candidate!”

“So, you do remember that . ” Jun Linyuan snorted . There was a taunting look in his eyes .

Feng Wu smacked her head .

So much had happened lately that she had forgotten about Jun Linyuan’s terms .

What was more, not only had she made a bet with Jun Linyuan, but with Mu Yaoyao and Ye Yafei as well .

If she didn’t get the top spot, apart from losing the broken star piece, she would lose her head to Mu Yaoyao, too .

Feng Wu gritted her teeth . “You don’t have to worry about that, Your Royal Highness . I’ll take care of it myself!”

Jun Linyuan smiled a little . “Now that the Frosty Night Beast is out, all the other magical beasts have scattered . ”

Feng Wu knew what that meant .

The rankings of the candidates were pretty much fixed .

That was because —

No other magical beasts would show up anymore, and it was coming to the end of the physical tryout .

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