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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:19:06 PM
Chapter 908
Chapter 908: I Don’t Want to See Him!

Right now, the crown prince was sulking in his cabin .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi walked in at that moment .

Feng Xun sat down before Xuan Yi could speak and said in a cheerful voice, “Little Feng Wu is killing that Yu Mingye now . It’s so hilarious . ”

The crown prince seemed to light up a little at those words, and he turned to look at Feng Xun .

Xuan Yi noticed the change in Jun Linyuan’s attitude and he chimed in immediately, “That’s so true . Yu Mingye really had it coming . ”

“You don’t say! How dare he make up that stuff about little Feng Wu! I wanted to choke him myself!”

“Exactly . ”

Feng Xun said indignantly, “Xiao Wu would never have feelings for him! Tch!”

Xuan Yi nodded . “I agree . ”

Feng Xun went on, “No man is good enough for Xiao Wu! Anyway, they all have to go through me before they can court her!”

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With Xuan Yi’s subtle guidance, Feng Xun said the right thing without knowing it . Gradually, Jun Linyuan’s mood lifted .

“By the way, Boss Jun, how often do we need to change your bandages?”

After much babbling, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi finally remembered Jun Linyuan’s injury .

“Once a day,” said Jun Linyuan indifferently .

“It needs changing, then . ” Feng Xun rose to his feet in a hurry . “But I don’t have any medication with me . Boss Jun, who treated you before?”

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Xun .

Xuan Yi gave Feng Xun a “you idiot” look .

Feng Xun smacked his own forehead . “It was little Feng Wu, wasn’t it? Speaking of which, the girl is an excellent doctor . You two were alone out there . Who else could it have been? I’m so dumb . ”

Jun Linyuan went on staring at Feng Xun .

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Feng Xun took the hint right away . “I’ll go fetch her now . ”

He left right after that .

Xuan Yi stayed behind . He frowned when he saw the thick layers of gauze around Jun Linyuan’s chest . “Is it serious?”

Jun Linyuan snorted . “Don’t overreact . ”

If he thought they were overreacting, why did he give Feng Xun permission to go get Feng Wu? Just admit it . You want to see her .  Xuan Yi vented his sarcasm inwardly .

Feng Xun went to get little Feng Wu as told .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was giving the brat Yu Mingye a warning by pulling his ear . “Think twice before you try to make fun of me next time . If I catch you talking about me like that again, we’ll stop being friends for good!”

“That hurts… sob… Alright, alright…” Yu Mingye cried out .

He meant it .

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Feng Wu had her bottom line, and he had just crossed it .

Feng Wu was still mad when she got back to her tent .

That was such a shitty thing for Yu Mingye to do!

However, she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what she was mad at . Was it because of Yu Mingye’s attitude or the fact that he had tried to make up things about her in front of Jun Linyuan? She just couldn’t tell .

Feng Wu was still trying to figure it out when —

Knock, knock, knock —

There was a knock at the door .

Feng Xun walked in .

He grabbed Feng Wu by her arm as soon as he saw her . “Come with me . Quickly . ”

“Where to?” After everything that had happened, Feng Wu was on high alert .

“To see Boss Jun, of course!”

“No, thanks!”

That was Feng Wu’s first reaction .

Jun Linyuan was the last person she wanted to see at the moment!

She couldn’t bear the taunting look in his eyes .

Feng Xun was bewildered . “You’re not going? Then who’s going to change Boss Jun’s bandages?”

“His wound has been treated already . Anyone can change his bandages now . ” Feng Wu handed Feng Xun a first aid kit . “You do it . ”

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