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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:19:11 PM
Chapter 907
Chapter 907: I Know Her Secret (3)

Jun Linyuan then began to carry Feng Wu away .

“Do you think you can get between me and Xiao Wu so easily?”

Yu Mingye shouted from behind .

“I know her secret!” Exasperated, Yu Mingye said those words .

What secret?

Suspicion was roused, and everyone shot Feng Wu strange looks .

Feng Wu wanted to throttle Yu Mingye .

He had said the worst thing!

Struggling free, Feng Wu jumped off Jun Linyuan and charged at Yu Mingye . She glared at him . “Fine, you know my secret . Come, share it with everybody!”

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Yu Mingye was immediately intimidated .

He stumbled back when he saw the fury in Feng Wu’s eyes .

“Speak now! Don’t hold back! What secret? Tell me! I’m listening!” Feng Wu began to roll up her sleeves .

This guy had practically handed Jun Linyuan the answer! How dare he try to provoke her? He was so dead!

Yu Mingye backed off like a deflated balloon . He gave Feng Wu a pleading look . “I… I was bluffing, that’s all . People bluff, don’t they?”

Feng Wu spoke to Feng Xun over her shoulder as she rolled up her sleeves . “I’m sorry, but we need to sort something out . Please give us some privacy . ”

She was asking them to leave .

Feng Xun darted a sympathetic glance at Yu Mingye . That guy had just dug his own grave . Little Feng Wu was going to teach him a lesson now . Too bad they couldn’t stay behind to witness it .

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Feng Wu sneered at Yu Mingye after the others left .

Yu Mingye stepped back . “Xiao Wu, my dear Xiao Wu, I’m sorry . I’m so sorry . ”

“You’re sorry for what?”

“I, I shouldn’t have said those things . ”


“I shouldn’t have taunted Jun Linyuan . ”


“I – I shouldn’t have tried to blackmail you . ”

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“…That’s all . ”

Crack! Feng Wu’s whip cracked the ground hard, scattering snow everywhere .

Yu Mingye lowered his head . “I… I shouldn’t have made them think that there was something between us . ”

Feng Wu smirked . “So, you do know what you did . ”

Yu Mingye said, “But… you’re going to marry me anyway . So what if I make them think that way?”

Crack! Feng Wu’s whip whooshed down again!

“Fine, fine . Maybe you’re going to…”

Feng Wu closed in on Yu Mingye as the guy fell back .

Her gaze was cold . “Yu Mingye, patience has never been a virtue of mine, and I’m only going to say this once . ”

The look on Feng Wu’s face was solemn and serious . “Do that again, and you’ll never be my friend . I mean it . ”

Tossing the whip to the side, Feng Wu stormed off!

Yu Mingye bit his lip as he watched Feng Wu leave . There was a pensive look in his eyes .

A few steps away, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi, who had been hiding behind a pile of snow, exchanged knowing looks .

Both sighed in relief .

Feng Xun was relieved because Feng Wu was his only baby sister . He would never let some lousy guy win her heart . Although, by regular standards, Yu Mingye was an excellent candidate .

Xuan Yi, on the other hand, was relieved because if Feng Wu and Yu Mingye really were in love as the latter had suggested, there would be blood tonight . Xuan Yi didn’t want to see that happen .

They then went to visit Jun Linyuan in his wooden cabin .

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