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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:19:17 PM
Chapter 906
Chapter 906: I Know Her Secret (2)

“Hm —” Yu Mingye gestured that he would keep his voice down, and only then did Feng Wu let go of him .

“It was you! It really was you!” Yu Mingye pointed at Feng Wu . “You naughty girl! You fooled me for so long!”

Feng Wu grinned . “Teehee . ”

Yu Mingye said, “Now, tell me, was that laxative powder really one of your concoctions?”

He had actually run an investigation, and his capable staff had gotten to the bottom of it . Feng Wu had created the recipe for that laxative powder when she was just a little girl .

Feng Wu glanced at Yu Mingye, then looked into the distance . “Do you mean ‘Excruciating Soul-Destroying Bone-Crushing Mind-Poisoning Pill of Ten Thousand Ants’?”

Yu Mingye: !!!

Feng Wu beamed at him .

Embarrassed, Yu Mingye glared at Feng Wu . “You’ll never let that drop, will you?”

“I didn’t say that, pffft —”

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“Feng Wu!!!”

“What now?”

“How can you talk to me like nothing happened after what you did to me? I’m so —”

Yu Mingye was still lashing out at Feng Wu about his predicament when someone interrupted them .

“What did Feng Wu do to you?”

Was that Feng Xun?

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder and almost fainted!

Jun Linyuan and Xuan Yi were also here!

And the crown prince’s face was as dark as a stormy night .

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As if Feng Wu didn’t have enough on her plate, Yu Mingye decided to sling an arm over Feng Wu’s shoulders as he threw a taunting look at Jun Linyuan . He then said to Feng Xun, “Young Lord Feng, I think Feng Wu and I can work it out ourselves . ”

Feng Xun snapped .

Shoving Yu Mingye off Feng Wu’s shoulders, Feng Xun pulled his sister behind him . He then glared at Yu Mingye . “I’m warning you . She’s my sister! She’s off limits!”

Yu Mingye grinned . “Brother-in-law, be civil . ”

Feng Xun flared up . “Who the hell is your brother-in-law? I’m going to kill you!”

Yu Mingye shrugged . “I’m the first person your sister met after she got back . Need I say more?”

Feng Xun turned to glare at Feng Wu . “Little Feng Wu, you —”

Yu Mingye dragged Feng Wu back to his side and whispered something in her ear .

Feng Wu wanted to smack the guy on the head .

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The abominable Yu Mingye was blackmailing her!

Do as he said or he would tell everyone her secret .

Feng Wu seethed with anger!

She had considered Yu Mingye a good friend and had come to him as soon as she got back . After pouring her heart out and asking him for his opinion, this was what she got in return!

Feng Wu was furious!

However, she was facing a dilemma .

She could choose to collaborate with Yu Mingye and make people think that there was something going on between the two of them .

Or, she could ignore Yu Mingye, who would then reveal her secret . When that happened, Feng Xun probably would be the first one to jump at her .

Feng Wu was so conflicted .

However, the next second —

Jun Linyuan made his move .

No one saw exactly what he did, but the next thing they knew, Feng Wu was in his arms .

Yu Mingye narrowed his eyes .

He was already a legend among people of his age, but after all his hard training, he was still inferior to Jun Linyuan!

The frustration ruined his mood .

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