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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:19:21 PM
Chapter 905
Chapter 905: I Know Her Secret (1)

Feng Wu jumped to her feet . “Stop calling me little Feng Wu! I’m just Feng Wu!”

She was overwhelmed with regret .

Why had she called herself Feng Xiaowu back then? She should have made up another name . Wait, she used that same name when she treated patients in other cities as well; she would only have brought more trouble on herself if those people didn’t know her as Feng Xiaowu .

Scratching her head, Feng Wu was a little on edge . She had an inkling that they would figure it out sooner or later .

How about turning herself in… instead of waiting to be discovered?

No, no, no —

Judging by Jun Linyuan’s attitude, Bao Er meant the world to him!

On the other hand, Feng Wu herself was worthless in comparison .

Feng Wu believed that Jun Linyuan would snap her neck as soon as he learned the truth .

For the sake of her own life, Feng Wu couldn’t expose herself now .

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She tried to change the subject and turned to Feng Xun . “Hey, why are you alone? Where are the others?”

“We split up to look for you, but I got lucky . It didn’t take me long to find you, hahaha —” Feng Xun then examined Feng Wu and looked pained .

He rubbed Feng Wu’s head . “We thought we lost you when we realized that you had been snatched by the Frosty Night Beast… I’m so glad that you’re okay . Kiddo, I was so scared . ”

Feng Xun pulled Feng Wu into his arms and patted her little head .

Narrowing his eyes, Jun Linyuan yanked Feng Wu back and put her on the other side .

That almost threw Feng Wu off balance .

“Xiao Wu —”

“Are you going to stay here forever?” After throwing a dirty look at Feng Xun, the crown prince shot a warning glance at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu rubbed her nose . Well, it seemed that Feng Xun was much more important to Jun Linyuan .

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Back at the campsite .

Almost everyone welcomed Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan back .

Mu Yaoyao and her people were the only exceptions . They were noticeably disappointed when they saw Feng Wu .

“Why is she still alive?”

“I thought that beast would kill her for sure . ”

“It’s like what they say: annoying people are the hardest to kill . Feng Wu is so repulsive, she’ll probably live forever . ”

“I bet His Royal Highness saved her, or she would never have made it back alive . ”

Feng Wu ignored Mu Yaoyao and her little group . She went to find Yu Mingye as soon as she got back .

The two of them met in a quiet corner .

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Seeing how flustered and nervous Feng Wu was, Yu Mingye was concerned .

“What’s wrong? Something bothering you?” Yu Mingye’s imagination ran wild again . “It’s Jun Linyuan, isn’t it? I’ll go talk to him!”

“It’s not that!” Feng Wu stopped him .

“What is it, then?”

Feng Wu gritted her teeth . “I guess you’re partially right . ”

“What do you mean?”

Feng Wu said, “He’s onto me . ”

“Onto you what?”

“Frozen Forest . ” Yu Mingye was the only person Feng Wu could talk to on the subject .

She hadn’t admitted it when Yu Mingye questioned her before, but this was as good as tacit confirmation .

Yu Mingye understood as soon as Feng Wu said those two words .

He smacked his hand down on a pile of snow . “It really was you! You’re Feng Xiaowu! You —”

Feng Wu covered his mouth immediately!

Jun Linyuan and Feng Xun were looking everywhere for Feng Xiaowu . What if they heard him?

Luckily, it was very similar to her real name, and no one was close enough to hear them .

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