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Chapter 904
Chapter 904: Not Good!

At that thought, Feng Wu threw a dirty look at Jun Linyuan . The guy was such an overprotective friend . When would she get to join the club?

Feng Xun let go of Feng Wu, turned in Jun Linyuan’s direction, and saw the gauze wrapped around him

“Ahhh —” Feng Xun shrieked and blanched in astonishment .

Feng Wu jumped up in surprise .

Rushing over to Jun Linyuan, Feng Xun stared at his chest . “Boss Jun, are you hurt?!”

Jun Linyuan grunted .

“Oh god, Boss Jun, you’re injured! How did that happen?!”

Feng Wu was bemused . “Why can’t it happen?”

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She had seen those scars on Jun Linyuan . One look and she knew that they had been inflicted when he was little .

Feng Xun glanced at Feng Wu . “You don’t understand . Boss Jun has never lost a fight, not even to magical beasts . He crushes all his opponents . It’s impossible to injure him . ”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes . “All human beings can get hurt . ”

“But Boss Jun is…”

Jun Linyuan silenced Feng Xun with a wave of his hand .

As soon as Jun Linyuan rose to his feet, Feng Wu threw the cape over his shoulders .

Luckily, she had reacted quickly enough earlier . She had taken off the cape before Feng Xun reached them . Otherwise, she could guarantee that Feng Xun would overthink it .

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Jun Linyuan kept his brooding gaze on Feng Wu the entire time, which gave her the creeps .

She was even more on edge…

“Not only hasn’t Boss Jun ever gotten injured, he’s never failed any assignment either!” Feng Xun said proudly . However, he decided to tell the truth after some thought . “Well, apart from that time when he was tricked by that ugly girl in Frozen Forest . ”

Feng Wu: !!!

Clenching her fists, she shot an accusing glance at Feng Xun .  My dear brother, please let it drop and talk about something else!

To her surprise, Jun Linyuan interjected .

He asked, “How’s the investigation going?”

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Feng Xun replied, “Boss Jun, we’re getting close . Intel says that Feng Xiaowu has arrived at the imperial capital already . ”

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

Feng Xun went on, “There’s more . I’ve learned that Feng Xiaowu is actually a cultivator, although she pretended she had no such ability in front of us . ”

Feng Xun clenched his fists . “That little liar! I was so kind to her! I trusted her and took her under my wing . That was what she did to repay me! And she even set me up!”

Overwhelmed by her guilty conscience, Feng Wu quietly back away from Feng Xun .

“You… really have a lead on her?” Flustered, Feng Wu asked gingerly .

“Yes . She was often spotted in male clothing in neighboring northern border cities such as the cities of Luo, Lian, and Hu . Following that, we’ve been able to find out a lot about her . ” Feng Xun grinned .

Feng Wu almost forgot to breathe!

He was right!

She had visited those cities in her disguise as a doctor . If Jun Linyuan followed that lead, it would only be a matter of time before he found out who she really was .

“Xiao Wu, why are you trembling?” Seeing Feng Wu shake from head to toe, Feng Xun said grumpily, “You’re little Feng Wu and she’s Feng Xiaowu . Your names are a bit similar, but she’s a totally different person! Why do you look so worried?”

Feng Wu wanted to smack Feng Xun on the head!

Was he trying to make Jun Linyuan connect the two names together? Stop reminding him already!

However, Jun Linyuan pondered over those words . “Little Feng Wu… Feng Xiaowu…”

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