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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:19:33 PM
Chapter 903
Chapter 903: Who’s Bao Er?

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu’s nimble fingers .

And he smiled a little .

Feng Wu almost broke under the pressure . Her hands were shaking so badly that she had difficulty tying the knot .

“Why are you shaking?” The crown prince’s husky voice sounded mesmerizing .

Feng Wu stared at her fingers, which were trembling from her guilty conscience… She couldn’t control it .

She said the first thing that came to her mind . “Because it’s freezing . Look at all the snow around us . And the wind! Aren’t you cold?”

What she really thought was… If Jun Linyuan learned what really happened, she would be dead before she knew it .

Just then, a heavy cape fell on Feng Wu’s lap .

“Put it on, then . ”

“But you’re still injured . ” Feng Wu wanted to give the cape back, but the crown prince cast her a stern glance .

Face dark, he narrowed his eyes . “Say no again . I dare you . ”

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Feng Wu stole a diffident glance at Jun Linyuan .

What would happen if he knew who she was…

“By the way, who’s Bao Er?” Feng Wu asked curiously .

She had heard that name from several different people already, but after all these months in the imperial capital, she still hadn’t met her .

“I’ll introduce you to her next time,” Jun Linyuan said mildly .

“Alright . ” As soon as Feng Wu replied, she felt that something was off .

What was it?

Jun Linyuan then said, “I’ve lost that Immortal Spiritual Fruit . I won’t let the same thing happen to the Heart of Frost Essence this time . ”

Feng Wu’s eyes widened and she stared at Jun Linyuan .

“What… do you mean?”

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“The Heart of Frost Essence will help Bao Er with her illness . ”

Feng Wu started shaking again!

She had asked for Yu Mingye’s help to have the physical tryout take place in Proud Snowfield, just for that Heart of Frost Essence! And Jun Linyuan was going to compete with her for it once more?

“Why are you shaking again?” Jun Linyuan noticed Feng Wu’s pale face and how badly she was trembling .

Wrapped in the big, heavy cape, the girl looked tiny in contrast . Jun Linyuan found his heart going out to her…

But he eliminated that idea from his head almost immediately .

He felt pity for the fierce Feng Wu? His head had to be muddled from fighting that beast .

Feng Wu, on the other hand, began to formulate a strategy .

From now on, she had to stay as far away from Jun Linyuan as possible… The last thing she wanted was for him to realize that she was the ugly girl . After all, he was very smart and she could never be careful enough .

Just then —

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“Boss Jun, Boss Jun —”

They heard a familiar voice in the distance .

Feng Wu looked up and spotted Feng Xun!

She had been alone with Jun Linyuan in the middle of nowhere, which made her really fidgety . Feng Wu had been at a loss over what to do, when Feng Xun showed up . What a blessing!

Feng Wu was over the moon . Jumping to her feet, she waved her hands in excitement and hopped around . “I’m here! Feng Xun, we’re here!”

Jun Linyuan darted a glance at Feng Wu, looking somewhat displeased .

Was she that happy to see Feng Xun?

Was she so reluctant to be alone with him?

Feng Xun ran at lightning speed . He started off two mountains away, but seemed to reach them in no time .



They held hands and jumped around .

Jun Linyuan glared at them with a grim look on his face .

Since when were the two of them that close?!

“Behave yourselves!” Jun Linyuan warned them in a cold voice .

Feng Wu let go of Feng Xun’s hands right away .

She believed that since Jun Linyuan considered Feng Xun his best friend, he had to be displeased to see Feng Xun being so friendly with her .


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