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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:19:43 PM
Chapter 902
Chapter 902: Does He Know Her Secret?

This girl had just yelled at him . How dare she .


Despite her reproach, Jun Linyuan didn’t feel offended at all . Instead, he even basked in her attitude, for it gave him the feeling that she cared for him .

That was so strange!

The crown prince got rid of that idea immediately and turned his attention back to Feng Wu, who was busy treating his wound .

Only… this felt so familiar, as if the same thing had happened before .

The girl’s smell, the look in her eyes, and her frown…

“That’s too much!” Jun Linyuan sounded displeased when he saw what Feng Wu was doing .

Did she have too many gauze bandages or what? How many more layers did she want to wrap around him?

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Feng Wu threw a dirty look at him . “Do you have any idea how badly you’re injured? The beast’s claws were so close to your heart! One centimeter more and you would already be dead!”

She went on, “And that’s not the only injury you have . There are cuts all over your abdomen! They’ll get worse if I don’t wrap them up! Feel free to ignore your own health, but I won’t!”

“You care about my health?” Jun Linyuan asked in a mesmerizing and husky voice .

Feng Wu glanced at him . “A doctor cares about all her patients . ”

Jun Linyuan grunted, but didn’t say anything .

All of a sudden, he blurted out, “There’s this person I really dislike . ”

“Who’s that?” Feng Wu asked without looking up . She was finishing up with the bandages .

Jun Linyuan’s stare was intense .

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Feng Wu paused a little, but before she could say anything, Jun Linyuan went on, stressing each word and keeping his gaze on her the entire time . “She’s this girl I met in Frozen Forest . ”

Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat .

A girl he met in Frozen Forest… Wasn’t that Feng Wu herself?

Her heart was pounding .

“She must be very pretty, then?” Feng Wu swore her voice was trembling .

“No, she wasn’t . ”

“Right . ” Can we please change the subject, Your Royal Highness? Aren’t you supposed to be a man of few words? What’s with all the small talk now?

“She’s a thief . ” Jun Linyuan snorted and emphasized in a childish manner, “An annoying thief!”

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Feng Wu said, “I see… She was very bold, to offend you like that . ”

Jun Linyuan actually nodded . “Bao Er would be cured by now if that girl hadn’t stolen my Immortal Spiritual Fruit . She’s still bedridden now, with her life hanging in the balance . ”

“So —”

“When I catch her, I’ll chop her into pieces!” Jun Linyuan smirked .

Feng Wu almost jolted .

Seriously? She thought that Jun Linyuan had forgotten about it by now . As it turned out, he had been holding a grudge this whole time and was eager to take revenge .

Feng Wu asked tentatively, “You still haven’t caught her, then?”

“Almost there . ” Staring at Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan’s lips curled into a smile .

What was that supposed to mean? Did he have a lead, or had he found out who she was?

Feng Wu didn’t dare to look into Jun Linyuan’s eyes .

However, she thought she would give herself away if she avoided eye contact . So, she forced herself to meet Jun Linyuan’s gaze with wide open eyes .

“Why did you stop?” Jun Linyuan reminded her .

“Right, yes — there’s enough gauze already, I’m going to wrap it up . ” At Jun Linyuan’s reminder, Feng Wu tied another type of knot instead of a bow .

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu’s nimble fingers .

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