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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:19:55 PM
Chapter 900
Chapter 900: Jun Linyuan — (3)

Feng Wu was speechless .

The cub was just a baby and it was already so willful . Imagine how it would behave when it grew up!

Moreover, this really wasn’t the time to play hide and seek . Finding Jun Linyuan was Feng Wu’s top priority .

She was about to summon Feng Tutu back to her and go back up when —

Feng Tutu showed up again .

This time, it had a small pouch in its mouth, which looked rather familiar . Feng Wu’s stomach lurched when she saw the pattern on it!

The two birds were the one she had embroidered herself under Jun Linyuan’s supervision in World Tower . She had made them look like a pair of ducklings .

That was the pouch Feng Wu was holding now .

“Jun Linyuan!” Astonished, Feng Wu picked Feng Tutu up immediately . “Where did you find this? Take me to him!”

She had no time to wonder why Jun Linyuan had such an ugly pouch on him . All she could think of was —

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Something must have happened to Jun Linyuan!

Feng Tutu then led Feng Wu to a snow house .

To Feng Wu’s astonishment, that snow house which Jun Linyuan had made with a wave of his hand was still intact . They had to be hundreds of meters underground now!

The walls had managed to withstand such a heavy load of snow!

A teenager in a black robe lay inside with his hands crossed on his stomach . His eyes were shut and he wasn’t moving .

There was ice all over him and frost covered his hair, eyebrows, and entire face .

“Jun Linyuan!”

Feng Wu drew in her breath . Involuntarily, she reached out to check Jun Linyuan’s breathing .

But he wasn’t breathing!

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Oh god!

At that moment, Feng Wu’s head went blank, as if she had just been struck by lightning .

Had the formidable crown prince died?

Feng Wu panicked at that thought!

Without thinking, she activated her spiritual energy and sent a streak into Jun Linyuan’s energy channels .


Her spiritual essence bounced back!

Feng Wu was speechless .

Jun Linyuan wasn’t breathing and she couldn’t get her spiritual essence into him . What should she do?

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Feng Wu was flustered!

Even Jun Linyuan would die if he stopped breathing for too long .

They were short of oxygen this deep underground, which didn’t help at all .

Feng Wu threw Jun Linyuan onto her back and quickly climbed back up to the surface .

After laying Jun Linyuan flat on his back on the snow, Feng Wu bent over and put her mouth over his without hesitation .

She breathed some air into Jun Linyuan’s lungs .

Ding —

Jun Linyuan opened his eyes, as if on cue .

And he looked into Feng Wu’s eyes .

Both of them widened their eyes and they were taken aback!

Realizing that she was on top of Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu scrambled to get off .

In her flustered state, Feng Wu fell into the hole that she had just climbed up from .

It was a few hundred meters deep!

Feng Wu fell in head first and there was no way for her to stop!

At that critical moment, Jun Linyuan reached out and caught Feng Wu by the hand .

Feng Wu had fallen in halfway when Jun Linyuan caught her . If he hadn’t, she would have dropped down a few hundred meters and cracked her head open .

With Jun Linyuan’s help, Feng Wu steadied herself and climbed out of the hole .

Before she could let out a breath of relief, she heard Jun Linyuan’s voice .

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