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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:20:03 PM
Chapter 899
Chapter 899: Jun Linyuan — (2)

“Jun Linyuan —”

“Jun Linyuan —”

“Jun Linyuan —”

Feng Wu shouted at the top of her lungs . However, no matter how loudly she called, she got no reply .

It was as if she was the only one left in the world .

Unprecedented loneliness and apprehension struck Feng Wu . She stood there, feeling helpless .


Feng Wu smacked her forehead .

She couldn’t find him, but the cub could!

The cub was born with a nose for sniffing out treasures, which was practically any item on Jun Linyuan . Hell, the man himself was a treasure… So, she should leave it to the cub .

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Feng Wu took the cub out of the ring .

The little thing was fast asleep as if there was no tomorrow .

It shuddered involuntarily when Feng Wu took it out . The cold woke it up .

Opening its eyes, the cub saw Feng Wu’s face . It then turned in her palm and went back to sleep .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

“Feng Tutu! Wake up! Wake up now!”

Feng Wu patted the cub’s head .

Feng Tutu opened its sleepy eyes and looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment . It seemed that it could fall back asleep at any moment .

It was as if it was going to doze off as soon as Feng Wu finished talking .

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Feng Wu flicked it on the head .

“Wake up already . I need your expertise now . Find Jun Linyuan for me . ” Feng Wu rubbed Feng Tutu’s head . “Do you remember Jun Linyuan? He’s that human teenager with a poker face . The one you want to run away from all the time . ”

“Awww —” Feng Tutu sounded reluctant .

But Feng Wu smacked it on the head . “Now!”

“Awww —” Feng Tutu ran off, turning around to give Feng Wu a pleading look every few steps .

“Be quick about it!” Feng Wu said sternly .

Feng Tutu sighed aggrievedly . With no other choice, it had to start searching .

Wait —

Feng Tutu sniffed, then ran to a spot a few steps away and started digging .

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That fast? Feng Wu was pleasantly surprised .

However, she frowned after another look .

If she remembered correctly, this was where she and Jun Linyuan had spent the night . Jun Linyuan had even built a snow house here, which had been buried by the avalanche .

That was where Feng Tutu was digging . Feng Wu shook her head .

“No, no, this isn’t right —” Feng Wu rushed over to stop the cub . “The smell here is from last night . Not here . ”

Feng Tutu turned to look at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu nodded solemnly . “It’s from last night . Go search somewhere else . ”

Feng Tutu tilted its head, then went back to its digging .

Feng Wu was vexed . “I told you, this scent is from when he was here last night! Feng Tutu! Stop playing and be serious! Find him!”

Feng Tutu ignored her and went on digging .

Feng Wu was going to stop the cub when it jumped into the pit it dug .

That naughty little thing! She would teach it a lesson once this was over!

Melting the snow with her fire spiritual energy, Feng Wu followed Feng Tutu into the snow .

Luckily, she could still get air here .

Feng Tutu was tiny and nimble . It was rather difficult for Feng Wu to catch the cub!

“Feng Tutu! Get back here!”

Feng Wu almost caught it a few times, but the cub was always able to get away at the last moment .

Whenever Feng Wu turned to leave, it would run to Feng Wu in a teasing manner .

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