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Published at 30th of July 2020 06:20:33 PM
Chapter 893
Chapter 893: Am I Not Your Dear Little Sister?

The meat contained the energy of Jun Linyuan’s abnormal flame, and the energy had been released so that other people could absorb it!

Feng Wu sensed that there was a little more fire energy in her dantian after eating the first skewer .

It wasn’t grilled meat, but ambrosia!

Jun Linyuan darted an indifferent look at Feng Wu .

She was tittering like a little bird . Right now, she was behaving like a normal child, and he almost wanted to rub her head .

However, Jun Linyuan was too proud to let his emotions show .

Raising his hand, he was going to eat up the next skewer .

“Ahhhh — my meat! My meat!” Vexed, Feng Wu grabbed Jun Linyuan’s arm and tried to take it from him .

But Jun Linyuan wouldn’t let her .

Feng Wu was holding onto him like a monkey on the tree . “Gimme gimme gimme!”

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“You can’t have it!”

“Jun Linyuan!”


“Your Royal Highness~”


“Brother Jun, Brother Jun, Brother Jun, am I not your dear little sister anymore?”

The things Feng Wu would say for food . She was unscrupulous like that .

Her sweet voice was like a feather brushing against Jun Linyuan’s chest . It was ticklish .

Even someone as overbearing and arrogant as Jun Linyuan had to surrender to her pleading .

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He cleared his throat and cast a stern look at Feng Wu . “Have you no shame?”

Feng Wu looked perfectly innocent . “According to Feng Xun, you’re like my half-brother, right?”

Jun Linyuan cursed Feng Xun in his head .

“Achoo —”

Over on the other side of the campsite .

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were able to help all the candidates escape, even the unconscious Gongsun Qing .

They were catching their breaths when Feng Xun sneezed . He rubbed his nose . “Who’s talking about me behind my back?”

“Little Feng Wu, maybe?” Xuan Yi asked .

Feng Xun rubbed his nose and looked concerned . “I hope it was her . If she has time to talk about me, she should be out of harm’s way . ”

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Xuan Yi patted his shoulder . “Don’t worry . Boss Jun went after her . I’m sure he’ll find the girl . ”

Feng Xun shook his head . “Judging by the look on Boss Jun’s face, I think Xiao Wu has been taken by that Frosty Night Beast . ”

Xuan Yi nodded .

Feng Xun didn’t try to keep his voice down, so many other candidates heard him .

And they all had different opinions .

Many were either worried about Feng Wu or felt sympathetic . However, there were also people like Mu Yaoyao, who were filled with delight at Feng Wu’s misfortune .

Yao Ying said under her breath, “Has Feng Wu been taken by the Frosty Night Beast?”

Mu Yaoyao nodded .

“Is she going to die, then?”

Mu Yaoyao nodded .

“But didn’t His Royal Highness go after her?”

Mu Yaoyao smirked . “His Royal Highness hates Feng Wu . What do you think is going to happen…”

Yao Ying cried out a little . “I see!”

Mu Yaoyao grinned . “It seems that we won’t have to see Feng Wu out and about anymore . Life will be so pleasant!”

Of course, people like Mu Yaoyao kept their joy to themselves and didn’t let it show .

After all, Feng Xun had made it clear that he was on Feng Wu’s side and he would always back her up .

Because of that, Mu Yaoyao didn’t dare mess with Feng Wu openly .

However, Feng Xun was saying something similar .

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