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Published at 21st of July 2020 03:45:08 PM
Chapter 887: 887

Chapter 887 What Happens in the Snowfield… 1

Three claws were chopped off at the base!

And three streams of blood spurted out!

The blood caught Feng Wu right in the face, and she was stunned .

The Frosty Night Beast darted a malicious glance at Feng Wu .

It could sense its internal elixir on the girl .

After another brooding look, the beast turned around and fled .

The sword also spun in midair before it flew back to Jun Linyuan’s hand .

Only then was Feng Wu able to breathe again .

She had been holding her breath since the beast showed up . The pressure had been suffocating .

Looking around, Feng Wu saw that she and Jun Linyuan were the only people here, for as far as the eye could see .

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The crown prince put down his sword and marched toward her .

His black hair and long robe flapped in the wind, and he looked every bit what an extraordinary swordsman should look like .

For some unknown reason, Feng Wu couldn’t look away from him .

“Are we the only ones here? Where are the other people? I can’t see any of them here . ”

As soon as Feng Wu opened her mouth, Jun Linyuan crouched down and glared at her .

Feng Wu was bewildered . “You…”

Jun Linyuan lashed out at her . “Are you an idiot?! Why didn’t you hide from that beast?!”

Feng Wu was at a loss . “…How was I supposed to know it was coming? It snatched me before I realized it . I’m as baffled as you are . ”

Face dark, Jun Linyuan rose to his feet and turned to leave .

Feng Wu was exasperated!

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As far as she could see, the two of them were the only people here!

And that Frosty Night Beast was lurking somewhere!

She would have no chance if he left without her .

Feng Wu cherished her life . The next moment, she reached out and grabbed Jun Linyuan’s sleeve .

The crown prince glared at Feng Wu over his shoulder .

Feng Wu smiled obsequiously . “Teehee… This is so unexpected, but I’m sure there’s a reason fate brought us together here, right?”

Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes at Feng Wu .

Fate had nothing to do with any of this . He had been keeping an eye on her and came here to find her as soon as he realized something was wrong!

Otherwise, even he wouldn’t have been able to catch up with that Frosty Night Beast .

She had been that close to getting killed!

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At that thought, Jun Linyuan looked even grimmer and threw another dirty look at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu bit her lower lip .

What should she do now? Jun Linyuan looked really mad… Although, he always looked mad .

Tugging at Jun Linyuan’s wide sleeve, Feng Wu swayed his hand back and forth and pleaded in a soft voice, “Your Royal Highness… aren’t you here to protect the candidates? Well, I’m one of them, aren’t I? So, you won’t leave me behind… will you?”

Frowning at Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan said through gritted teeth, “Let go!”

Feng Wu shook her head repeatedly .

If Jun Linyuan left now, that beast would come after her right away and rip her open for its internal elixir!


Biting her lower lip, Feng Wu looked at the crown prince from under her long eyelashes . She looked like she was going to cry . “Please… please don’t leave me here… sob…”

Forget dignity!

Or self-respect!

Those could all wait when her life wasn’t hanging in the balance!

Feng Wu kept darting pleading looks at Jun Linyuan .

The crown prince sighed inwardly in resignation, but when he spoke, he sounded as impatient as ever . “Do you want your wounds treated or not?!”

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