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Chapter 878

878 His Royal Highness Likes You! 1

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats!

By the looks of His Royal Highness’s demeanor, was he going to give Feng Wu a hard time again?

Needless to say, Mu Yaoyao was grinning . However, most of the others were grateful for Feng Wu’s help and were concerned .

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu . His eyes flickered, his face was impassive, and he pursed his lips .

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!


Jun Linyuan was here to ask her about what happened last night!

Looking around, Feng Wu saw that all eyes were on them… If this got out, she would be facing the greatest humiliation of her life!

Vexed, Feng Wu threw a dirty look at Xuan Yi .

However, Xuan Yi seemed to be ignoring her in favor of looking at Jun Linyuan the whole time .

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A million ideas flashed across Feng Wu’s mind . Luckily, she was level-headed enough to keep her face straight .

“Feng Wu, last night —”

The look on Feng Wu’s face changed as soon as Jun Linyuan began to speak .

“What happened last night? I was treating my patients the whole time and never set foot outside the tent!” Feng Wu stoutly denied .

“But I saw you last night . ”

“You were only dreaming!” Feng Wu almost panicked .

The gossip of her climbing into Jun Linyuan’s bed had already gone viral . If the guy began to talk about her coming to him last night in front of everyone… and told the others what happened after she got there, she would be ruined!

Feng Wu was shivering inwardly .

Jun Linyuan sneered at Feng Wu . She couldn’t read the emotion in his eyes .

Still staring at Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan said, “Walk with me!”

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He promptly turned to leave after that .

And he walked fast .

Feng Wu secretly let out a breath of relief . She racked her brain for a way out as she followed Jun Linyuan .

“Feng Wu, good luck!”

Someone called out from the crowd .

Feng Wu looked over her shoulder and saw that it was Shi Xuan .

Several others followed suit and cheered for her with waving fists .

“Feng Wu, we believe you!”

“Don’t worry, Feng Wu . We got your back!”

“Feng Wu…”

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Feng Wu was bewildered .

This wasn’t right .

Didn’t these people hate her? She had lost count of all the things they had been saying about her . Their biggest wish was probably for her to disappear forever .

But how come their attitudes had now changed?

That was so strange .

However, Feng Wu didn’t have time to care about what other people thought of her now . Her top priority was to deal with the intimidating crown prince in front of her .

Feng Wu had to admit that if she were the one that got drugged in the middle of the night and kissed against her will, she’d be pissed, too! No, she would be furious!

Feng Wu cringed a little . She was in a lot of trouble .


Feng Wu was too lost in her thoughts to watch where she was going —

Jun Linyuan just happened to halt at that moment and turned around .

Hence, Feng Wu bumped into Jun Linyuan’s chest .

She might as well be throwing herself at him!

Feng Wu was so embarrassed when she realized that .

She would never be able to explain herself .

Rubbing her nose, Feng Wu gave Jun Linyuan an accusing look . The pain brought tears to her eyes and she wrinkled her nose .

His chest was so hard . She thought she had broken her nose or something .

Jun Linyuan’s eyes were frighteningly bright as he stared at Feng Wu . They were a little red from lack of sleep .

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