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Published at 20th of July 2020 02:55:30 PM
Chapter 877

877 A Kiss! 8

Empress Dugu went on, “Wait . Grand Secretary Fang, did you just call Miss Feng Wu modest and kind? But from what I heard, she was a bully during the physical tryout and ruined someone’s face . ”

“She ruined someone’s face?!” The empress dowager was shocked!

“That’s right,” said Empress Dugu . “And I heard that there was more than one person . The victims were all pretty girls who were quite capable in their cultivation skills . Sigh . Is Feng Wu jealous of others after losing her own ability?”

Irked, Grand Secretary Fang became much more serious when he said, “One shouldn’t take rumors seriously . ”

Empress Dugu was going to retort when Grand Secretary Fang casually said, “Moreover, it’s common knowledge that Feng Wu has no cultivation ability . How can she bully other candidates, let alone ruin their faces?”

“Well, she could have an accomplice . Who knows?” Empress Dugu chuckled .

Emperor Wu interjected, “That’s enough . What you’re arguing about is highly inappropriate!”

Just then, footsteps came from outside .

“Your Majesty, the head of the Zuo clan begs for an audience . ”

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The head of the Zuo clan was none other than Zuo Qingluan’s father .

What was he doing here?

Grand Secretary Fang suddenly had a bad feeling about this .

At the same time .

The sky had cleared in Proud Snowfield and the snow had stopped, but it was much colder .

All the candidates drew in their breaths after they walked out of their little caves .

“It’s freezing —”

“Why is it much colder, even after the sun is out?”

“Oh god, we’d have frozen to death if we stayed outside last night . ”

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“We’re so fortunate to have Feng Wu . She told us to hide in the holes we dug . Otherwise, all of us would be dead by now . ”

“Miss Feng Wu taught us more than that . She also told us to keep warm with heated stones . ”

Mu Yaoyao woke up to such a conversation, and her face darkened right away!

She had been the center of all the attention before, but now… The others weren’t exactly impolite to her, but they obviously had more respect for Feng Wu now, and Mu Yaoyao found that unacceptable!

“By the way, where’s Miss Feng? I’d like to thank her in person . ”

“Look, Miss Feng has come out…”

However, a gust of wind swept across the campsite when they were going to talk to Feng Wu .

It was freezing!

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They turned to see the crown prince behind them .

Wrapped in a thick cape, the teenager looked majestic and authoritative . He gave off an intimidating air .

Right now, he was headed for Feng Wu’s tent, eyes fixed in front of him .

No —

Everyone’s stomachs lurched!

The crown prince looked like he was going to arrest someone! Who else could it be…

Was Feng Wu going to be in trouble?

Before, everyone would have taken pleasure in Feng Wu’s predicament .

But now…

They weren’t heartless people . Feng Wu had saved Gongsun Qing with her own blood, and taught them the trick with the snow caves and heated stones…

They couldn’t even bring themselves to say anything bad about Feng Wu, let alone stand around when the girl was about to get into trouble .

“What should we do now?” Many candidates were flustered .

Meanwhile, Xuan Yi was saying a silent prayer next to Jun Linyuan . After everything he had done to prepare the young couple, all they needed was a little push in the back . Your Royal Highness, please don’t blow this again!

Of course, Xuan Yi didn’t let any of this show on his face . Holding his sword inside his crossed arms, he looked as solemn as a young lord should .

The crown prince kept his gaze on Feng Wu the entire time!

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