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Chapter 869

869 Feng Wu Is Brilliant! 8

“Why do we need to wrap the rocks in fish skin?” Feng Xun was confused .

However, when Feng Wu began to put the wrapped rocks around Chaoge —

Feng Xun saw the light . “Why, Chaoge seems to be warming up . ”

Feng Wu nodded . “That’s right . Heated stones don’t cool down that easily and can stay warm for much longer once wrapped in this special fish skin . They’ll be able to keep her warm throughout the night . ”

Someone cried out a few steps away .

Feng Wu turned around and saw that it was that girl who had been taking care of Gongsun Qing . She remembered she was called Shi Xuan .

Shi Xuan looked excited . “Miss Feng, can I use that method as well?”

Feng Wu asked, “What method?”

Shi Xuan said in excitement, “To warm up with heated stones . ”

Feng Wu looked very innocent . “Of course . Isn’t it common sense?”

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Common sense?

Shi Xuan and Feng Xun exchanged looks . They had never heard about such common sense!

Feng Xun was thrilled . “The other people won’t freeze to death! Little Feng Wu, you’re brilliant!”

Feng Xun ran out of the tent after that .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

What did she do? Why was she so brilliant?

After treating Chaoge, Feng Wu checked the sky outside and saw that it was about time .

She was conflicted .

Should she keep her promise with Xuan Yi?

If she didn’t go… She could almost see Xuan Yi sneering at her .

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But if she did go… It would be so humiliating!

But one had to always honor a bet, no matter how hard it would be . She had her principles!


Feng Wu took a deep breath . So be it! It wasn’t like she was going to do it again!

Taking off the white apron which she had worn for the operation, she tossed it aside and marched out of the tent .

All the candidates were sleeping in their holes and the campsite was empty .

Feng Wu’s tent was on the north side, while Jun Linyuan’s cabin was on the south side . There was some distance between the two .

Holding her breath, Feng Wu walked all the way from her tent to the cabin; the entire time, she couldn’t see any light in the windows of the cabin .

It was deep into the night and it was all hushed .

When Feng Wu reached the door to the cabin, the courage she had summoned up began to fade .

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Xuan the Second was the worst!

He had done this on purpose and was waiting to laugh at her!

His request was that she had to kiss Jun Linyuan and tell the guy, “I’m in love with you . ”

It was…

Feng Wu walked around the cabin in circles and her courage kept fading…

Should she talk to Xuan the Second and change the terms?

“No . ”

Xuan the Second popped up behind her when she wasn’t paying attention .


Feng Wu turned around to find Xuan Yi behind her, which made her jump . She glared at him . “You scared the crap out of me!”

“We’re not changing it . ” Xuan the Second grinned . “Although, you can always leave if you’re willing to admit that you’re a person that won’t honor your word . ”

Feng Wu gritted her teeth . “Xuan the Second! You just can’t wait to laugh at me, can you?!”

Holding his sword between his crossed arms, Xuan Yi raised an eyebrow .

Feng Wu challenged him . “You think I can’t do it?!”

“Can you?”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

She really wanted to back out…

However, she was so irritated by the taunting look in Xuan Yi’s eyes!

“It’s just a bet and I’m going to keep my word!” Feng Wu snorted and marched toward the cabin!

Looking at Feng Wu from behind, Xuan Yi narrowed his eyes .

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