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Chapter 860

860 Unexpected! 7

The first thing Xuan Yi noticed when he walked into the tent was Feng Wu’s bloody wrist .

“What happened?!” Xuan Yi cried out .

Boss Jun would go berserk if he saw this!

Xuan Yi glared at Feng Xun . “What kind of brother are you? Your sister is still bleeding and you’re looking after someone else?!”

Like Jun Linyuan, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi only cared about those they deemed as one of their own .

Shi Xuan listened in embarrassment, but didn’t dare to utter a sound .

Feng Xun snapped, “What? Xiao Wu’s wound hasn’t been treated yet? Oh god, I’m such an idiot!”

Feng Xun forgot all about Gongsun Qing and went to look after Feng Wu .

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Shi Xuan was speechless .

Four hours had passed when Feng Wu woke up again . The sun was setting and the light was fading outside .

She looked up to see the concerned expression on Feng Xun’s face and his frighteningly bright eyes .

“What time is it now?” Feng Wu asked weakly .

“It’s a little after five . The sun’s almost down . ”

“How’s Gongsun Qing doing?”

Feng Xun rolled his eyes at Feng Wu . “I’d worry more about myself if I were you . Who the hell is that Gongsun Qing? She’s not worthy of your blood . ”

“There’s greater merit in saving a life than building a great temple . ” Feng Wu smiled .

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As a matter of fact, she would never have used her own blood under normal circumstances, but what was happening was anything but normal . Luckily, blood was a renewable resource .

“I don’t care about a stupid temple! You’re the world to me! Remember this: nothing is more important than your own life!”

A smile appeared on Feng Wu’s pale face . “It feels good to have a big brother . ”

This was the first time that Feng Wu had addressed Feng Xun as her brother .

Feng Xun almost blushed . Scratching his head, he said, “Well, I’m going to Boss Jun now . I’ll come back with something nice for you!”

Something nice for her? An idea struck Feng Wu . Could Jun Linyuan…

In Jun Linyuan’s cabin .

“Boss Jun, you have no idea what Xiao Wu has gone through,” Feng Xun said with a long face . “She’s such a brave girl . She cut her wrist open for another person! The blood gushed out like a fountain! Gosh, I was so frightened!”

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Feng Xun didn’t look frightened, but the crown prince blanched a little .

It was just that Feng Xun didn’t notice .

The crown prince had gone stiff . He felt a chill run down his spine as he stared at Feng Xun .

Feng Xun said, “I kept wondering, was it worth it for her to hurt herself to save that Gongsun Qing?”

The crown prince said, “No!”

“I thought the same . ” Feng Xun nodded . “My sister is so kind and naive…”

“She’s stupid!” Jun Linyuan’s eyes flickered .

Feng Xun cleared his throat . “Well, the girl has lost a lot of blood and she’s all dizzy . Boss Jun, do you have any tonics or potions on you that can help her?”

Feng Xun smiled obsequiously and put an open palm under Jun Linyuan’s nose .

Jun Linyuan glanced at him, then rose to his feet and walked out with an impassive face .

Feng Xun followed him out immediately .

Jun Linyuan headed directly for Feng Wu’s tent .

On their way there, many rose to their feet to show their reverent respect for their crown prince .

“Have you heard? Feng Wu saved Gongsun Qing’s life . ”

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