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Chapter 859

859 Unexpected! 6

“Can the portal be opened again? Are we going to be locked in here forever?”

The more they discussed, the more flustered they became . Everyone was on edge .

“We’re so lucky that we have His Royal Highness with us!”

“Yes . Yes, that’s right . With His Royal Highness here, there’s no need to be afraid . I’m sure he’ll get us out of here . ”

“But the question is: will His Royal Highness do that?”

That silenced everyone .

The crown prince had no obligation to do that . What was more, being helpful had never been in his nature… At that thought, the candidates began to panic again .

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Feng Wu had no time for any of that . She was busy treating Gongsun Qing .

In his enraged state, Jun Linyuan hadn’t even thought about controlling his strength, which was why Gongsun Qing was so severely injured .

However, would Jun Linyuan lose control over a few drops of tea?

Looking up, Feng Wu saw the sky outside through the tent gap . It was overcast and the wind was howling . It looked ominous .

In this sort of situation, it was very likely that Gongsun Qing would become a burden to everyone else .

Now that the way out had been cut off… would Gongsun Qing die here?

Jun Linyuan would be the one to blame if that happened .

The only way for Gongsun Qing to make a quick recovery was to use Feng Wu’s blood .

More precisely, to use her blood which contained the internal elixir of that Frosty Night Beast .

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Feng Wu took out her dagger without hesitation!


Blood gushed out!


Shi Xuan cried out in surprise and covered her eyes .

She had never expected Feng Wu to slash her wrist open!

“Xiao Wu!” Feng Xun cried out as well .

Feng Wu ordered . “Pry her mouth open!”

“Yes, of course —”

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Feng Xun and Shi Xuan scurried to Gongsun Qing’s side and opened her mouth .

Feng Wu sighed inwardly as she fed her own blood to Gongsun Qing . She would never have to do this if it wasn’t for the internal elixir she had swallowed . This was all Jun Linyuan’s fault .

While Feng Wu’s mind was wandering off, Shi Xuan observed Feng Wu with conflicted feelings .

She recalled all the things Gongsun Qing had said about Feng Wu this whole time, and how Gongsun Qing had been showing off in front of the latter . But now, Feng Wu was saving Gongsun Qing at the cost of her own life…

Was Feng Wu really as bad as she was rumored to be?

If she was a bad person, then what did a good person look like?

Shi Xuan was bemused .

“Is that enough? Is it?”

Feng Wu had yet to comment on her blood loss before Feng Xun cried out first . His voice was trembling .

Feng Wu nodded after examining Gongsun Qing, then gave Feng Xun instructions . “Warm up the blood for her with your spiritual essence, then direct it to her injured internal organs . It should do the trick and repair them . ”

Feng Wu swayed a little after those words .

She hadn’t fully recovered from her own blood loss earlier, and she had just given away some more . Her face was ghastly pale .

“Xiao Wu, you —”

Feng Xun doted on Feng Wu . Gongsun Qing was the last thing on his mind, and all he wanted to do was check up on his dear little sister .

However, Feng Wu shook her head . “You can’t let all my efforts go to waste . ”

Feng Xun had no choice but to do as Feng Wu said .

Feng Wu’s face had drained of all color and she felt like she was going to black out . She sat down against the wall, crossed her legs, and rested in silence .

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