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Chapter 855

855 Unexpected! 2

“Is that so?”

“If you want it . ”

Feng Wu was intrigued . What was Gongsun Qing getting at?

She smiled . “What do you want from me?”

Gongsun Qing replied, “It’s very simple . Kill Mu Yaoyao for me . ”

Feng Wu said, “You think I’m able to do that?”

“You’re not, but after Prince Yu wakes up, you can ask him to do it for you . He won’t even break a sweat! Well, I just don’t like that Mu Yaoyao . Kill her for me and I’ll put in a good word for you in front of His Royal Highness . Deal?”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes . “Do you take me for an idiot? Put in whatever word you want . Just leave me alone . ”

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Nudging Gongsun Qing out of her way, Feng Wu went back into the tent with her basin of water .

Surprised by Feng Wu’s reaction, Gongsun Qing almost tripped .

“Hey! You ungrateful woman!” Gongsun Qing flared up . “You’ll see after I become His Royal Highness’s woman!”

Meanwhile, a few girls, who had been hiding behind an ice wall, ran to her side .

“Sister Qing, you lost! Hahaha! Pay up!”

“Sister Qing, that was unexpected . I thought we had her there and would make her fight to the death with Mu Yaoyao . But she wouldn’t take the bait!”

“This Feng Wu is cleverer than I thought!”

It was supposed to be a trap, and they were ready to laugh at Feng Wu when she agreed . But she turned it down!

“Sister Qing, His Royal Highness really has feelings for you, right?”

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Gongsun Qing gloated . “Of course!”

“Sister Qing, I have some freshly picked tea here . His Royal Highness probably doesn’t have any hot tea in this abominable place . How about you make some for him?”

Gongsun Qing hesitated . “Are you sure about that?”

“Of course! It’s His Royal Highness we’re talking about here . The feelings are mutual, and what’s wrong with a cup of tea? Princess Mu has no reason to stop you . ”

By now, all the girls were divided into two teams: Gongsun Qing vs Mu Yaoyao .

Feng Wu was the only one who remained neutral .

Those who supported Gongsun Qing were all prompting her to visit the crown prince .

What was His Royal Highness doing at that moment?

Xuan Yi and Feng Xun had already built a neat log cabin for him .

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Even if he was only staying for the night, the crown prince’s dwelling had to be in pristine condition, with all the necessary equipment on hand .

And that was when Feng wasn’t around .

If the steward had been here, even the color of the logs had to be adjusted to the perfect shade .

The window of the cabin opened up in the direction of the snow mountains in the distance, which made for a magnificent view .

The cabin was plainly decorated with a wooden bed and a table .

Jun Linyuan and Xuan Yi sat opposite each other on rush cushions .

And Jun Linyuan didn’t look too good .

His face was livid and he was giving off a cold air .

Xuan Yi couldn’t stand the atmosphere anymore . He rose to his feet and wanted to leave the room .

But —

“Sit your ass down!” Jun Linyuan stared at him .

“Alright…” Rubbing his nose, Xuan Yi reluctantly sat back down .

“Aren’t girls supposed to be jealous when the guys they like treat other girls nicely?” Jun Linyuan glared at Xuan Yi .

Xuan Yi nodded . “That’s right . And it’s the same with guys . They don’t like the girls they’re fond of to be too close with other guys, too . ”

Xuan Yi thought he had made the hint obvious enough . Your Royal Highness, please listen to your heart!

Something did click in Jun Linyuan’s head at Xuan Yi’s words, but the crown prince was so absorbed in figuring Feng Wu out that he ignored it .

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