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Chapter 854

854 Unexpected! 1

Mu Yaoyao said, “I’m only telling the truth . What? You don’t like it?”

Taking a deep breath, Gongsun Qing smirked . “Yes, Zuo Qingluan is extraordinary, but so what? I don’t have the extravagant hope of becoming His Royal Highness’s official wife!

“As long as I can be with His Royal Highness, I don’t care if I’m his concubine or even his maid! I just want to be with him! What about you?!”

Gongsun Qing stared at Mu Yaoyao . “His Royal Highness doesn’t like you at all! No matter how badly you wish for it!”

“You bitch!”

“No, you bitch!”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Before long, bickering escalated into a physical fight .

One naturally had some expectations of a fight between cultivators, but they would be disappointed!

The two girls fought with their nails and teeth…

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“Ssss —” Feng Wu drew in her breath . That looked painful .

Feng Xun shook his head . “I didn’t know girls could do that . ”

Feng Wu darted a glance at him .

Feng Xun waved his hand . “I mean them, not you . ”

That was more like it .

Feng Xun stole a glance at Feng Wu when she was busy changing Yu Mingye’s bandages .

He then glanced at her again .

Feng Wu threw a dirty look at him . “What?”

Rubbing his hands, Feng Xun hesitantly said, “Well…”

Feng Wu sighed . “Spill it . ”

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“Are you sure?”


Feng Xun said, “Well… I thought you liked Boss Jun a lot, didn’t you? Aren’t you jealous now? After seeing how kind Boss Jun is toward Gongsun Qing…”

Feng Wu tossed a towel at Feng Xun’s face . “When did I ever like your Boss Jun?!”

“But you did!” Feng Xun recalled . “You were in love with Boss Jun since you first saw him in Northern Border City . You even tried to climb into –

“Help! She’s trying to kill me!”

The next moment, Feng Wu kicked Feng Xun out of the tent!

However, Feng Wu still encountered an unavoidable situation when she walked out of the tent some time later .

She spotted Gongsun Qing, who was waiting for her a few steps away .

There was a grim look on Gongsun Qing’s face, and it seemed like she wanted to bore two holes into Feng Wu with her eyes .

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After fetching some hot water, Feng Wu wanted to go back in, but —

Gongsun Qing blocked her way .

“Wait —”

Feng Wu looked at her in bewilderment . “Yes?”

Gongsun Qing looked Feng Wu up and down in a contemptuous manner .

Feng Wu wanted to walk around her .

“You have to be the most unlucky person here . Why does His Royal Highness dislike you so much?” Gongsun Qing said with a half-smile as she crossed her arms .

Feng Wu didn’t say anything .

“I’m sure you didn’t mean to offend His Royal Highness, and you want him to like you, right?”

Feng Wu didn’t say anything .

“If I can give you a hand in this matter, how will you repay the favor?”

Feng Wu frowned a little . “What favor is that?”

Yes! Gongsun Qing smiled .

“It’s really simple . ” Gongsun Qing smiled at Feng Wu . “Everyone knows that His Royal Highness treats me differently . What do you think he will do if I put in a good word for you now?”

“Nothing . ”

Gongsun Qing stiffened and stared at Feng Wu in displeasure .

She snorted . “You’re saying that because you don’t know what it feels like to be favored by His Royal Highness . You have no idea of the privilege it’ll bring you . As a matter of fact, I can change your luck . ”

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