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Chapter 84: How Could Feng Wu Admit It?

All of a sudden, from outside the door, the sounds of a number of hurried footsteps transmitted.

Feng Yi Ran saw the aggressively approaching group of people and his entire body was stunned.

Previously, after Jun Lin Yuan's group of people departed, he actually became vexed for a long time. With great difficulty, a long wished for opportunity to cling to Crown Prince Jun arrived, but was spoiled by Feng Wu just like that.

Therefore, Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu, these two brother and sister, were preparing to find Feng Wu and settle the account when they saw the crown prince's band of people return before their eyes.

Feng Yi Ran was again pleasantly surprised and was going to speak, but Feng Xun directly charged inside at an astonishingly fast speed!

Jun Lin Yuan and Xuan Yi's group of people also didn't even look sideways as they directly headed towards the courtyard where Feng Wu was.

Feng Yi Ran and Feng Liu glanced at each other, this is…..what happened? Could it be that after Feng Wu provoked Jun Lin Yuan to anger, she again provoked Young Prince Feng?

Feng Liu was both worried and angry, so angry she clenched her fists. "This Feng Wu, truly good at causing trouble!"

Although Feng Yi Ran hadn't spoken, in his heart, he also had the same thoughts.

It's too late to think about it. The brother and sister duo could only hurriedly follow them.

Therefore, just when Feng Wu's family of three was preparing to covetously enjoy the gourmet food, the sound of hurried footsteps transmitted. Thumps loudly sounded as the door to the courtyard was directly kicked flying!

Beautiful Mother and little Seventh Feng was so spooked they nearly jumped up.

Feng Wu took one step forward, protectively pushing her spooked pale Beautiful Mother and little Seventh Feng behind her. Her dangerously narrowed eyes were deep and cold as they sharply focused at the place in front of the doorway.

Therefore, the instant that Feng Xun entered, he directly faced Feng Wu's pair of eyes——for that one split second Feng Xun's heart abruptly shook!

This pair of eyes……this pair of eyes seemed to be very familiar, seemed like he'd seen them before somewhere!

With great effort, Feng Xun tried to flip through his memories. However, this sudden revelation faded away quickly, like a flash of lighting. No matter how he racked his brains, he was able to recapture it——-at this moment, Feng Wu's stunned eyes looked at the group of youngsters before her.


They, they……how could they leave and return? !

What happened?

Feng Wu saw Feng Xun's shocked face and immediately knew that things were not good.

For the sake of cooking conveniently, she changed her grand, fine clothes earlier into an extremely simple, plain dress.

The exquisite phoenix jade hairpin was also removed a long time ago. Her delicate, painting like look was naturally already erased thoroughly cleanly.

The current Feng Wu had washed away her flowery image in entirety and regained her former tranquility and calmness. Her appearance surprisingly hadn't suffered by any means. On the contrary, there was an additional fiery quality that made people increasingly unable to look away.

Feng Xun pointed at Feng Wu. "You, you, you……"

This girl, those sharp, bright eyes when they faced each other, and also those rolled up sleeves. How did this resemble the dull, slow-witted beauty? !

Where was the resemblance? !

This was clearly still the same Feng Wu from five years ago!

"Feng Wu! You actually deceived us!" Feng Xun aggressively arrived in front of Feng Wu, towering above and glaring at her.

Ashened complexion and angry eyes indicated a kind of indignance for having been duped.

"Huh?" Feng Wu's innocent looking face was at a loss, "what do you mean by deceived?"

Feng Xun smiled coldly. "Stop pretending to be naive! That appearance of yours, your posturing just now, dare you say it wasn't on purpose? !"

Feng Wu replied innocently. "How was I posturing?"

"You still dare to say you weren't? Weren't you pretending to be a pretty blockhead? Try and keep acting, continue to pretend!" Feng Xun was fiercely angry!

God knew how his heart lost hope when he saw that pedantic and wooden Feng Wu.

How could Feng Wu admit it? She——

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