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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:15:38 PM
Chapter 837

837 The Crown Prince 1

Xuan Yi’s face darkened . “What do you want to say to Boss Jun?”

“Isn’t Boss Jun mad about little Feng Wu hanging out with Yu Mingye all the time?” Feng Xun stared at him .

“You know that?”

Feng Xun said proudly, “Of course I know that! Boss Jun doesn’t like little Feng Wu, but he still doesn’t want her to be too close to Yu Mingye . It’s like making friends with our enemy!”

Xuan Yi tried to lead him in the right direction . “Don’t you think that… Boss Jun might actually… like little Feng Wu a lot?”

“Hahahaha — hahahaha —” Feng Xun laughed until he was in tears . “Xuan Yi, have you lost your mind? Boss Jun will never think of my sister that way! I think my sister is the best girl on earth, but Boss Jun isn’t me . He doesn’t like Xiao Wu at all . ”

“Are you sure?”

“I can bet my own head on it!” Feng Xun said in an affirmative voice as he patted his own head .

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

Back at the campsite, many had already gone to bed .

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All nature was silent when —

Wait, what was that noise?

Mu Yaoyao was only half-awake when she felt the cold . It was as if she was submerged in freezing cold water . She opened her eyes .

She was scared out of her wits by what she saw!

Where had all this water come from?

Her tent was flooded and the cold water was already up to her calves!


Mu Yaoyao was the first to scream .

“Where did all this water come from? What’s happening?!”

Her shriek ripped through the silence of the night, waking everyone up at once!

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The makeshift beds were all made from dry twigs . At the sound, everyone bolted upright!

What was going on?

They looked down and saw the water!

“Isn’t the campsite on a high slope? How did the water get here?”

“I thought the river is dozens of meters below us . Why is all this water here?”

“The river can’t flow backward, can it?”

“No —”

Gongsun Qing said calmly, “The river isn’t flowing backward, but the ice layer under our feet is melting . ”

“But I thought we chose a spot without magma when we made camp . Why is the ice melting now?”

No one had a clue . This was beyond their imagination!

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“Plus, is it me or is the water really, really cold? Like, freezing cold?”

“It’s colder than that! Even my heart is shuddering!”

Just as they ran out of the campsite and climbed to higher ground —

Rumble —

There was a loud noise!

Everyone turned in that direction involuntarily!

There —

An entire glacier, which stretched on for miles, was collapsing as they watched…

It was as if doomsday had arrived!

“Oh god!” Mu Yaoyao cried out .

Everyone else was equally dazed by what was happening .

They all prided themselves on being experienced teenagers, but none of them had seen something as awe-inspiring as this before!

To say that they were shaken to the core would be an understatement!

“Oh god! Shit!”

“The glacier has collapsed!”

“We’re witnessing a glacier falling apart!”

“Quit yelling already! It’s coming our way! Run, or we’ll all die here!”

“Where’s His Royal Highness?! Where is he? Won’t he lead us out of here?!”

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