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Chapter 836

836 The Jealous Crown Prince…

“Really? I didn’t know she’s that kind of person!”

“You don’t say . She’s been following His Royal Highness around since Northern Border City and simply wouldn’t leave him alone . ”

“So, now that His Royal Highness is no longer an option, she’s moved on to Yu Mingye…”

Instead of going back to his tent, Jun Linyuan walked away from the campsite!

Fearing that the crown prince would destroy the entire Proud Snowfield in his current state, Xuan Yi forced himself to follow him, for the sake of all the candidates and the snowfield .

Jun Linyuan stopped in front of a glacier and crossed his hands behind his back . Xuan Yi stood next to him .

Even from here, Xuan Yi could hear the voices of those women in the campsite .

“Have you heard? Feng Wu and Yu Mingye…”


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“That Feng Wu…”

The voices kept coming .

Xuan Yi looked up at his friend .

Jun Linyuan had much sharper ears and would only hear more than Xuan Yi did .

Xuan Yi noticed Jun Linyuan’s face getting darker; the guy could lose his temper at any moment!

He said in a hurry, “…Actually, I saw what happened just then . Little Feng Wu was treating Yu Mingye with acupuncture therapy . ”

Jun Linyuan didn’t even blink .

“Little Feng Wu should take care of herself first . She still hasn’t treated her own wounds . ”

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Xuan Yi stole another glance at Jun Linyuan and saw that the latter’s face was still livid!

He added, “She’s a great doctor with a big heart . What a kind girl…”

Jun Linyuan snorted . “What kind of therapy needs her patients to strip first?”

Xuan Yi rubbed his nose . “Well… it’s easier to see the acupoints without clothes…”

Your Royal Highness, everyone has to take off their clothes for acupuncture therapy!

Jun Linyuan smirked . “Didn’t you call her a great doctor?”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

The more Jun Linyuan thought about it, the angrier he became . Xuan Yi watched in astonishment as the glacier began to crack…

Xuan Yi really wanted to ask his Boss Jun, exactly what was he angry about? However, he didn’t have a death wish, and could only draw his neck back without saying another word .

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Jun Linyuan snorted . “A man and a woman behind a closed door all by themselves! Do I need to say more?!”

Xuan Yi rubbed his head . He realized that it had been a bad idea to lead Boss Jun to little Feng Wu just then . He didn’t know what to say now .

While he kept his silence and his eyes darted around, he saw that the water level of the river had started to rise .

That was strange . Did the river have tides here?

“Boss Jun —”

Just then, Feng Xun ran toward them .

“Get him out of my sight!” Jun Linyuan said with a grim face .

Recalling what Feng Xun had said, Xuan Yi knew that it was time for him to lecture his friend .

Hence, he nodded and ran toward Feng Xun .

“Come with me . ” Xuan Yi stopped Feng Xun .

Feng Xun was displeased . “Why? I’m here to speak to Boss Jun . ”

If I let you do that, you’ll end up enraging Boss Jun and getting yourself killed, Xuan Yi thought to himself .

There was no time to waste . Xuan Yi dragged Feng Xun in the other direction!

Feng Xun actually wasn’t Xuan Yi’s match and had to follow the latter .

“What?!” Feng Xun threw Xuan Yi’s hand off when they were on top of another glacier . “I need to speak to Boss Jun!”

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