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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:15:45 PM
Chapter 835

835 His Royal Highness Is Gone!

Feng Wu’s elimination would be great news to Mu Yaoyao .

At that thought, Mu Yaoyao decided to twist the knife . She cried out with an affected air, “Oh god! Feng Wu, what are you doing? And why is the sacred son half-naked? Don’t you feel cold?”

The crowd had been following the crown prince with their eyes, but upon hearing Mu Yaoyao’s words —

Whoosh —

Instantly, almost all eyes were on Feng Wu and Yu Mingye!

And all eyes widened in astonishment!

They saw the tent that had been kicked away as well .

All evidence pointed to one possibility .

Feng Wu frowned .

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Of course Mu Yaoyao would make good use of this opportunity to defame Feng Wu .

“Oh my! Feng Wu! You and the sacred son…”

People had been guessing before, but they only began to speak their minds after Mu Yaoyao’s words .

Mu Yaoyao wasn’t the only one who thought that way .

Feng Xun was no fool . He knew what Mu Yaoyao was getting at .

He flared up right away and bellowed, “Mu Yaoyao! Stop trying to ruin my sister’s reputation!

“Are you f**king blind?! Yu Mingye still has needles in him!

“Xiao Wu is treating Yu Mingye! Stop making filthy suggestions!

“Boss Jun is mad because he doesn’t want Xiao Wu to treat Yu Mingye! That’s all!

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“If what you’re suggesting is true, you’re saying that Boss Jun likes Feng Wu! You believe that?!”

As Jun Linyuan’s childhood friend, Feng Xun had been unknowingly sabotaging the guy’s missions since they were little .

Jun Linyuan almost tripped when he heard Feng Xun’s affirmative tone in the distance .

Xuan Yi couldn’t help but look over his shoulder at Feng Xun . He realized that he had to make his friend see the light soon before Boss Jun strangled that goofball!

Back to Feng Wu —

Feng Xun’s resolute voice lingered in the air .

Especially the last part .

“If what you’re suggesting is true, you’re saying that Boss Jun likes Feng Wu! You believe that?!”

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That successfully silenced everyone!

That was so true!

If Boss Jun was here to catch them in the act of adultery… that meant that he was in love with Feng Wu!

But was he?

Obviously not!

Ergo, Boss Jun wasn’t mad over the fact that there was something between Feng Wu and Yu Mingye!

“But that still doesn’t prove that Feng Wu isn’t romantically involved with Yu Mingye!”

Feng Xun roared, “Are you blind? Yu Mingye has needles all over his face!”

Someone said quietly in the crowd, “I heard from somewhere that stimulating certain acupoints will heat things up when you’re doing it . ”

Feng Xun: !!!

“What was that? Step out and I’ll beat some sense into your head!”

Young Lord Feng could be pretty scary when he was infuriated…

The crowd began to scatter .

However, Feng Xun could chase them off, but not the idea in their heads .

“I think… something must be going on between Feng Wu and Yu Mingye . ” Mu Yaoyao clenched her fists .

Mu Yaoyao believed that with the beautiful Feng Wu out of the picture, she would achieve her goal with much less difficulty . So, she had to make sure that the gossip of Feng Wu and Yu Mingye became real!

“You know what? I’ve heard that Feng Wu has a habit of…”

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