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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:15:48 PM
Chapter 834

834 His Royal Highness Is Jealous

Mu Yaoyao covered her face with both hands and cried out in an affected voice .

Jun Linyuan showed up in front of Feng Wu like a god descending from above .

He looked like an erupting volcano that was ready to burn everyone to ashes!

The terrifying aura scared the wits out of everyone .

Feng Wu looked up to see Jun Linyuan, who had malice written all over his face . His eyes were spitting fire!

The look in his eyes was terrifying!

Feng Wu released Yu Mingye involuntarily .

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu, as if he was going to tear her to pieces with his eyes .

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The temperature dropped so quickly that frost began to cover the ground .

Jun Linyuan raised a hand .

Feng Xun rushed over and grabbed Jun Linyuan’s hand . “Boss Jun, if you have to hit someone, hit me, not my sister! She’s as good as your half-sister!”

Fearing that Jun Linyuan would do something reckless, Xuan Yi hurried over and held his other arm .

“Boss Jun, calm down . Don’t do something you’ll regret later!”

Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu . “Don’t just stand there, you silly girl! Apologize to Boss Jun!”

Feng Wu was completely at a loss .

What did she do? Why should she apologize to Jun Linyuan? Why?!

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“Why should I do that?” Feng Wu asked .

Jun Linyuan’s face grew even darker!

A short distance away, the glacier began to crack .

Feng Xun was equally exasperated . He had no idea what set Boss Jun off . He was as confused as Feng Wu!

But one thing was for sure: Boss Jun was furious!

Feng Xun did some thinking: Boss Jun couldn’t be mad because Feng Wu was close to another guy . He didn’t even like little Feng Wu! So, the only explanation was —

“I told you not to treat Yu Mingye; you just wouldn’t listen to me! Have you forgotten that he’s not one of us?!”

Stone-faced, Feng Xun pulled Feng Wu over and smiled obsequiously at Jun Linyuan . “Boss Jun, little Feng Wu is a doctor and she’s only doing it out of habit . She can’t leave any patient untreated . That’s why she’s been looking after Yu Mingye . Boss Jun, I’m sure you won’t mind that . ”

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Jun Linyuan cast a stern look at Feng Wu . It was malicious and seemed to leave a burning sensation on Feng Wu’s skin!

Feng Wu felt as if a large hand had gripped her heart and squeezed it!

Even Feng Wu herself couldn’t help but fidget, to say nothing of the others .

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu for a moment, threw a dirty look at Yu Mingye, then turned to leave .

By now, a lot of people had gathered around them .

Everybody loved good gossip, especially where Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan were concerned!

Hence, everyone dropped what they were doing and gathered around in a hurry!

Jun Linyuan turned around and scanned the crowd with a grim look in his eyes .

Whoosh —

The crowd moved at once, making a passageway wide enough for four people to walk shoulder to shoulder .

The crown prince marched off, radiating a cold air as he walked .

Everyone followed Jun Linyuan with their eyes, then turned to look at Feng Wu and the half-naked Yu Mingye… and the tent that had been kicked away .

Mu Yaoyao had been jealous about Feng Wu’s relationship with Yu Mingye . However, on second thought, she realized that she would have one less opponent if Feng Wu was with Yu Mingye . Given Feng Wu’s good looks and her “initiative” in pursuing men, Mu Yaoyao had always considered Feng Wu a formidable love rival .

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