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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:15:50 PM
Chapter 833

833 They“re Doing It!

Feng Wu shook her head in resignation . When she turned back, Yu Mingye had taken his top off .

He was moving on to his trousers .

“Stop!” Feng Wu cried out .

“Didn’t you tell me to take my clothes off?”

“Just your top . Keep your pants on . ”

Their conversation could be heard loud and clear outside .

Because of Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu had become the center of attention .

Of everyone, Mu Yaoyao and Gongsun Qing were the most attentive observers .

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The fact that Feng Wu and Yu Mingye stayed behind alone in the room was already enough to make their imaginations run wild . Now that they heard the conversation —

They exchanged looks in astonishment!

Seriously? Was that what Feng Wu was truly like?!

“She hooked up with Yu Mingye as soon as His Royal Highness turned her down?” Mu Yaoyao gritted her teeth in frustration .

Yu Mingye was a great candidate as a future husband, too!

He used to be the sacred son of the Dark Court and was now the crown prince of the Yu Empire . Not only did His Majesty treat him nicely, the guy was also as famous as His Royal Highness!

“Can Feng Wu actually do that?” Gongsun Qing was equally amazed .

Mu Yaoyao said, “Just look at that face of hers! You can flirt with whoever you want if you look like that!”

If Jun Linyuan was the number one Prince Charming for all the girls in the empire, Yu Mingye was ranked right behind him! Even Young Lord Feng Xun wasn’t his match!

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“I can’t believe it! How did Feng Wu do it? How did she switch from His Royal Highness to Yu Mingye just like that?”

While Mu Yaoyao and Gongsun Qing were grinding their teeth, overwhelmed with jealousy —

Footsteps came from behind them!

Mu Yaoyao and Gongsun Qing turned around to spot a familiar face!

His Royal Highness?

And behind His Royal Highness was Young Lord Xuan Yi!

Mu Yaoyao’s and Gongsun Qing’s eyes lit up!

It was too late for them to hide, and they had to bow to the crown prince .

With his sharp ears, of course Jun Linyuan had heard everything Mu Yaoyao and Gongsun Qing said .

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His face darkened immediately!

Xuan Yi feared that His Royal Highness would once again be driven to extremes by his rage .

After all, it had been proven that Jun Linyuan was a mostly level-headed and unperturbed guy, as long as Feng Wu wasn’t involved . Otherwise, the guy’s mood would switch from one extreme to the other like ice clashing with fire .

Xuan Yi said in a hurry, “Boss Jun, little Feng Wu isn’t blind . ”

She would never choose Yu Mingye over Jun Linyuan .

That appeased Jun Linyuan a little, but he still quickened his footsteps .

When they arrived at Feng Wu’s tent, Jun Linyuan immediately spotted Feng Xun, who was sitting outside with his legs crossed . He then saw the silhouettes of the people inside on the wall of the tent .

Feng Wu was moving closer to Yu Mingye, one hand on his shoulder and another reaching for his chest .

Jun Linyuan’s face turned livid!

The look on his stunning face was terrifying!

And he gave off an air that reminded one of a wild animal!

“Boss Jun!”


Feng Xun cried out as Jun Linyuan kicked the door open!

More precisely, the crown prince didn’t kick the door open, but kicked the entire tent into the air!

Thump —

All the lines that were keeping the tent in place were ripped out of the ground!

Feng Wu and Yu Mingye stood there in astonishment as the tent around them disappeared .


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