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Chapter 832

832 Take Your Clothes Off

Jun Linyuan snorted . “Marry her? Are you kidding me?”

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open .

Oh god, would His Royal Highness ever admit his true feelings?

Sensing Xuan Yi’s silence, Jun Linyuan threw a dirty look at Xuan Yi .

Xuan Yi was bewildered . What did he do now?

Jun Linyuan frowned . Why did the guy stop? Go on talking about little Feng Wu! He was all ears!

He didn’t know what was wrong with him . He would prick up his ears whenever Feng Wu’s name came up, and he was almost addicted to it . That wasn’t right .

“What did you say about little Feng Wu?” Jun Linyuan frowned .

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I didn’t… Xuan Yi was at a loss . However, he saw the light when he recognized the conflicted look on His Royal Highness’s face .

“Little Feng Wu, well…” Xuan Yi heaved a sigh .

“Speak!” Jun Linyuan glowered .

Xuan Yi didn’t dare to keep the crown prince guessing for too long . He continued immediately . “I saw the bruises on little Feng Wu’s neck just then . They were all swollen and looked really painful . ”

Those wounds were from none other than Jun Linyuan himself .

The crown prince’s face darkened, and he looked utterly embarrassed .

Feng wasn’t around, so Xuan Yi had to play the old man’s part .

“Boss Jun, little Feng Wu always puts the welfare of others before her own . Do you think she’ll forget to treat her own wounds?

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“And wasn’t she suffering from excessive ice energy because of those two Qilin Beasts? You were only able to remove half of it, and will have to do it again in twelve hours, right?

“Poor little Feng Wu . She probably has no idea what will happen if that excessive ice energy begins to spread throughout her body…

“By the way, Boss Jun, Feng Wu has excessive ice energy in her while Yu Mingye has excessive fire energy . Do you think the two of them will —”


The closed door was kicked open and Jun Linyuan disappeared from sight .

Like hell he didn’t care . Xuan Yi grinned .

He did hope that Boss Jun would stop behaving like a willful child and tell Feng Wu his true feelings . Everything would be alright that way .

At the same moment, Feng Wu —

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Feng Xun was so concerned about his little sister that he gave her the best tent .

Seeing the cuts on Feng Wu’s face and the fact that she was busy treating Yu Mingye’s wounds, Feng Xun was displeased . He pulled Feng Wu over and sat her down . “You have to get some rest . Can’t you see your face?!”

Feng Wu’s face had been badly scratched by the Qilin Beast before Jun Linyuan did his share . The fair skin on her neck was littered with purplish blue marks, which looked quite frightening!

Feng Wu said to Yu Mingye, “Take off your clothes . ”

She then turned to Feng Xun . “You, out . ”

Feng Xun’s eyes widened . “No way!”

She was asking Yu Mingye to take off his clothes and chasing Feng Xun out . What was this little Feng Wu up to?!

Feng Wu snapped, “I need to neutralize the toxin in his body . You’re distracting me with all your talking . ”

“I’ll keep silent . ” Feng Xun covered his mouth and pleaded with his eyes .

“I don’t trust you . ” Feng Wu then pushed Feng Xun out of the room . Seeing that Feng Xun wanted to raise his voice, Feng Wu said in a solemn voice, “Anything happens to him and we’ll be in a lot of trouble . Do you want us to go to war with the Yu Empire?”

Feng Xun was rendered speechless .

What else could he say now?!

“I’m right outside . Give me a shout if you need anything!” Feng Xun, the good brother, sat down outside with his legs crossed .

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