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Chapter 83: Cried 'Waah' and Almost Wept!

Feng Xun miserably looked at Jun Lin Yuan as if crying for help, however, Jun Lin Yuan turned his face away, hands clasped behind his back, admiring the distant landscape.

Feng Xun cried "waah' and almost wept!

Everybody actually stayed out of it. They all pretended they didn't know him.

With great difficulty, he struggled free from the sea of people. The clothes on his body were already wrinkled shapeless.

"You guys are simply too rotten!" Feng Xun denounced his companions.

"Who told your mouth to……" Fairy Mu Yao spread her hands out without any good intentions.

"Don't you hate Feng Wu a lot? You surprisingly didn't stand with me?" Feng Xun was very upset.

Fairy Mu Yao spread out her hands. "A wise man submits to circumstances, alright? Who can imagine what got into these old commoners. They're all crazily defending Feng Wu, as if speaking a single bad word about her was an offense. These people are simply insane."

Seeing Fairy Mu Yao's extremely glad appearance, a fit of depressed anger bursted forth. Feng Xun was so angry he flung his hands. "It won't do, this anger can't be negated in this way!"

A beam of light appeared on Xuan Yi's taut face as he suddenly said. "…..Feng Wu, what in the world is Feng Wu like?"

Once these words were spoken, the hearts of everyone at the scene shook.

Feng Wu, what in the world was she like?

Was she that stiff, wooden Feng Wu?

Or the masses' lively, cordial, kind and charitable Feng Wu?

Xuan Yi continued. "It's possible for one person to be an accomplice, it's possible for two people to be accomplices, but so many people in the entire street all love and respect Feng Wu like that, do you guys feel that all of this can be a set up?"

Fairy Mu Yao stepped forward, walked a few steps forward. She wanted to speak, however, on the verge of speaking what's on her mind, she swallowed those words back down.

True……seeing how these commoners were brandishing their vegetable knives and rolling pins……how could it be faked?

"If they're not accomplices, then Feng Wu was pretending to be stiff and dumb!" Feng Xun was so angry that his face deformed, complexion ashen. "Let's go, let's return to the Feng residence to kill the horse that's turned around (to catch someone off guard). I actually want to see what the hell Feng Wu's really like!"

Feng Xun furiously turned back around.

Everyone turned their heads to look at Jun Lin Yuan. After all, the authority to decide whether or not they returned rested on Jun Lin Yuan, not Feng Xun.

Jun Lin Yuan's gaze had been profound and reserved from start to finish, seemingly pensive. At present, he actually nodded his head slightly while walking towards the road they came from.

A strange thought appeared in Xuan Yi's mind. Based on Boss Jun's personality, he surprisingly accompanied the willful Feng Xun? This matter was too strange.

Feng residence.

After Jun Lin Yuan's group of people departed, Feng Wu immediately let loose happily.

In order to wash away Icebound Forest's bad luck, and also in order to celebrate her success at obtaining the Immortal Spirit Fruit, Feng Wu personally stepped into the kitchen, and orderly produced for her beautiful mother and little Seventh Feng a table full of fine food.

Feng Wu's cooking skills truly couldn't be criticized. After all, she's formerly one of China's ranked master chef.

Within an hour——

Ten different dishes were already served, one after another.

This time, the cuisine Feng Wu made was fresh and fragrant, spicy and numbing, making a person's forefinger twitch*, a set of Szechuan cuisine.

Palace filled shrimp balls.

Stewed elk.

Ants climbing a tree.

Sweet and sour tenderloin.

Tiger skin green peppers.

Braised meat with white radish.

Small basket steamed beef.

An entire nine courses of fine cuisine, after that was added Xuanwei ham rice casserole……

Once the dishes were placed on the table, as far as the eyes can see, a field of fresh red.

(TN: red peppers: Szechuan food is famous for being spicy)

Whoosh, tears quickly fell.

However, beautiful mother and little Seventh Feng's eyes shined.

It's actually difficult to imagine how a person whose lifestyle was as delicate as Beautiful Mother's, surprisingly could be so fond of such fresh and savory, intensely hot and spicy, tongue numbing food, it's actually amazing.

Just when everybody was about pick up their chopsticks, suddenly——

(*TN: Making 'one's forefinger jumps', or, as I prefer it, 'one's forefinger twitch' is a Chinese idiom that refers to when someone anticipates that a delicious, sumptuous meal is coming his/her way. I prefer 'twitch' to 'jump', because twitch calls to mind the idea of how eye twitching is believed by some people to be some kind of premonition.)

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