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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:16:09 PM
Chapter 827

827 His Royal Highness Is Pissed!

Her hand felt as if it was on fire!

Sensing the heat, Feng Wu drew back her hand .

“Boss Jun?!”

Feng Xun turned around to find Jun Linyuan standing behind them, and he ran toward the latter in excitement . “Boss Jun, please say something! Little Feng Wu is your cousin; that’s as good as a half-sister!”

Face dark, the crown prince stared at Feng Wu with a murderous look in his eyes!

The animosity he gave out was enough to make one shudder!

Feng Xun’s stomach lurched .

Glancing from Jun Linyuan to Feng Wu, Xuan Yi smiled a little, a knowing look on his face . This was going to be interesting .

He rubbed his chin . Would Boss Jun come to his senses at whatever happened next, and finally be forced to admit his true feelings?

Jun Linyuan scanned the area with a grim look on his face . He looked as if he was ready to kill .

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What Feng Xun said next didn’t make things any better .

“Boss Jun, did you hear what Yu Mingye said? He’s crazy! He called little Feng Wu his wife!

“And he said he was going to marry little Feng Wu and take her back to the Yu Empire!

“I won’t allow it! She’s my only sister!

“Boss Jun, you have to help me! I can’t let him take little Feng Wu away!”

Feng Xun wouldn’t be Yu Mingye’s match if the latter got serious; he had to turn to Jun Linyuan for help .

The crown prince was obviously displeased . His face darkened like the sky before a storm .

His gaze was as sharp as a blade out of its sheath!

It glinted!

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu, as if he was going to cut her into pieces .

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Yu Mingye pulled Feng Wu back and shielded her with his body . “No man should hit a woman . Take it out on me! Little Feng Wu, I’ll protect you!”

Feng Wu stood behind Yu Mingye, but Jun Linyuan’s sharp gaze seemed to pierce through Yu Mingye’s body and stab into her heart!

She shuddered!

Jun Linyuan took a step forward, but kept his gaze on Feng Wu and Yu Mingye .

Yu Mingye’s stomach lurched .

“Stop right there! I’m warning you! Don’t come any closer!”



Jun Linyuan shoved Yu Mingye away with a wave of his hand .

Poor Yu Mingye . He had easily gained the upper hand with Feng Xun earlier, but with one little push from Jun Linyuan, he fell into the scalding magma!

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“Yu Mingye!” Feng Wu cried out anxiously .

Jun Linyuan didn’t give her any chance to help Yu Mingye . Grabbing her hand, he dragged her away .

His face had been very grim since the beginning, and his hand around Feng Wu’s wrist was as cold as the look in his eyes!

Feng Wu was terrified!

This was so frightening…

But she was still worried about Yu Mingye .

“Yu Mingye, how are you doing? Yu —”

The next second!

Jun Linyuan grabbed Feng Wu by her throat and lifted her off the ground!

“Hm —”

His fingers wrapped around Feng Wu’s neck, suffocating her .

Feng Wu’s face turned from pale to purple in a matter of seconds!

She kicked and struggled, but all her efforts were futile!

She looked at Jun Linyuan and saw the murderous look in his eyes .

What a formidable crown prince!

He was capable of anything!

Exasperated, Feng Xun rushed over and grabbed Jun Linyuan’s wrist . His voice trembled . “B- Boss Jun, why are you doing this to Little Feng Wu? She didn’t do anything wrong! Please put her down!”

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