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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:16:15 PM
Chapter 826

826 His Royal Highness Is Here

Snow was kicked up and scattered everywhere . Icebergs collapsed and fell into the river, creating tidal waves!

The water in the hot spring wasn’t lukewarm, but boiling hot! The bubbles gurgled!

Because of that, scalding hot magma shot up into the air before showering down again…

The ice layer melted under the heat of the magma and grew thinner…

If she didn’t stop them now, this layer of ice would break apart and all three of them would be in danger!

Those two morons!

Without hesitation, Feng Wu rushed over and put herself between them!

“Ahhh —”

Feng Xun had just struck out with a fist, and the next thing he saw was his sister standing right in front of him .

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The girl would be turned into mush if she got hit!

Whoosh —

Feng Xun changed the direction of his blow at the last minute and his fist struck empty air . He nearly dislocated his shoulder .

And it was the same case with Yu Mingye!

If he hadn’t drawn back his fist at the last minute, Feng Wu would have been smashed into a pulp!

“Stop it! Now!” Feng Wu was fuming with anger .

One was a young lord and the other the crown prince of the Yu Empire, but they were fighting like two ruffians! It was unbelievably childish

Feng Xun and Yu Mingye were dazed for a moment .

“Gosh! What are you doing standing there?!” Staring at Feng Wu, Feng Xun tried to pull her to his side .

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“Get your hands off my wife!” Yu Mingye was displeased and reached out for Feng Wu’s other hand .

“She’s my sister!”

“She’s my wife!”

“Bring it on!”

“That’s right . Bring it on!”

They almost broke into another fight right away, and Feng Wu was infuriated .

“Do you two have a death wish? Shut up!!!”

Feng Wu roared .

Her voice cracked in the air like a thunderclap, so loud that their ears buzzed .

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A short distance away, a large block of ice fell off an iceberg at the impact .

Feng Xun blinked at Feng Wu, looking very innocent .

Yu Mingye also stared at Feng Wu with his limpid doe eyes .

The two of them acted as if they hadn’t done anything wrong .

With their exquisite features, it felt impossible to yell at them when they pleaded with their eyes .

However, Feng Wu wasn’t just anyone . She threw a dirty look at Feng Xun, then glared at Yu Mingye . “Quit calling me your wife! I’ve had enough of that!”

Feng Xun grinned, looking very pleased .

Yu Mingye didn’t like the sound of that . “That way, he can’t call you sister, either!”

Feng Wu smirked . “Actually, I’m really his sister . ”

Yu Mingye was dumbfounded .

Feng Xun patted Yu Mingye on the shoulder . “Young man, you’ll have to go through me if you want to court my sister . ”

And even if Yu Mingye passed his test, Feng Xun’s answer would be: never!

Yu Mingye ignored Feng Xun and turned to Feng Wu . “I’ll get an edict from my father to marry you! Little Feng Wu, trust me!”

Feng Wu didn’t like the sound of that at all!

However, Yu Mingye didn’t notice . He took Feng Wu’s hand and said in a solemn voice, “Little Feng Wu, you have my word . You’ll be empress when I become emperor!”

Feng Wu wanted to throw his hand off, but Yu Mingye’s grip was too tight!

All of a sudden, Feng Wu sensed a pair of eyes staring at the hand that Yu Mingye was holding . The gaze was so intense that she felt a tingling sensation on her skin .

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