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Published at 20th of July 2020 08:16:20 PM
Chapter 825

825 Two Goofballs 3

“However, when I got to that Frosty Night Beast, I realized that —”

“You realized what?


However, a figure ran into sight before Yu Mingye could finish his sentence .


The person smacked Yu Mingye on the head .

The strike was so sudden and so hard that Yu Mingye’s vision went dark for a brief moment .

Feng Wu jumped up in surprise .

She turned around to find Feng Xun behind them .

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However, before she could do anything, Yu Mingye had charged out while yelling angrily .

“Feng Xun! How dare you hit me! I’m gonna kill you!”

“I hit you, so what? Bring it on!”

“I’m gonna kick your ass!”

“No, I’m gonna kick yours!”

Feng Wu was exasperated . They were upstream on a river that had been formed by a melted glacier . Underneath, a stream of magma had turned the ice into water .

Natural hot springs had formed as a result, and the air was always misty .

Because of that, the ice layer was rather thin in this area and cracked easily!

“You two! Stop!”

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However, she was too late . The two teenagers, who never failed to break into a fight whenever they ran into each other, had already begun to exchange blows!

Feng Xun glowered at Yu Mingye . “That’s my sister back there! How dare you put your paw on her shoulder?! I’m gonna kill you!”

Yu Mingye grinned . “Your sister? Bullshit! If you can call her sister, I can call her my wife! What’s wrong with holding my own wife’s shoulder? It’s none of your business, brother-in-law!”

Feng Xun screamed, “Shut up! I’m not your brother-in-law! My beautiful sister will never hook up with an idiot like you!”

Yu Mingye said, “And my wife is too brilliant to have a goofy brother like you!”

“Who are you talking to, you goofball?”

“The goofball is talking to you!”

“Mwahahahaha — you just admitted that you’re a goofball! You’re so dumb!”

“Go to hell!”

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Thump! Thump! Thump!

The fight started again .

Feng Wu watched with an open mouth .

To call these two childish was an understatement!

If they had to fight, they should at least put their minds to it .

However, the two wouldn’t shut up while trying to punch each other in the face . Their babbling was worse than the fight itself .

As they fought, an iceberg a short distance away began to fall apart . Feng Wu cried out anxiously, “Stop! Both of you! Just stop!”

Yu Mingye yelled, “He’s pretending to be your brother! I know he’s trying to become my brother-in-law! If I let him, my reputation will be ruined!”

Feng Xun was furious!

“Shut up! My sister is as wonderful as a fairy; she’ll never marry a moron like you! I’m going to sew your mouth up! I won’t let you ruin my sister’s reputation like this!”

“Mwahahaha! Little Feng Wu is meant to be my wife! I’m going to ask for my father’s permission and little Feng Wu is going to marry me!”

Feng Xun was so mad!

She was his only sister and he had made a promise to keep her safe forever!

“Yu Mingye! Die!”

“No, you die first, little Feng Xun!”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

After some bickering, the two guys went back to fighting!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Snow was kicked up and scattered everywhere . Icebergs collapsed and fell into the river, creating tidal waves!

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