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Chapter 82: Who's Saying Bad Things About Our Fifth Young Lady?

Having said this, Lin Ling waved her hand and called out to the neighbors. "Aunt-in-law Wang, Grandma Zhang, Uncle Zhao……come quickly you guys. These people are insulting our Fifth Young Lady!"


These neighboring people were originally each carrying out their own business. Hearing Lin Ling greeting them like this, they immediately stopped working!

Aunt-in-law Wang brandished the spatula in her hand and rushed over. "Who? Who's saying bad things about our Fifth Young Lady?"

Grandma Zhang waved the vegetable knife in her hand, falteringly tottering over. "Who? Who's saying bad things about our Fifth Young Lady?"

Uncle Zhao, Aunt-in-law Zhou, Grandpa Zheng……originally, everybody was managing their own business, each doing their own work, but because of this shout from Lin Ling, everybody brought weapons and rushed over to surround Feng Xun between them.

Feng Xun was originally standing together with Jun Lin Yuan and company, but he was separated by the large number of people charging over. They all encircled Feng Xun, brandishing weapons aggressively!

"For what reason do you defame our Fifth Young Lady!"

"For what reason did you say that of our Fifth Young Lady!"

"Who the heck are you, your sure have the nerve!"

Feng Xun was simply stupefied.

What the hell? !

Are these people all insane? !

"You, all of you, let go. Don't pull at my clothes!" Feng Xun was grabbed by countless numbers of hands, pulled this way and that, his clothes were almost torn apart.

"Our Fifth Young Lady is really wonderful! My family's youngster was brought back to life by her. If it wasn't for Fifth Young Lady, our entire family would've been lost! For what reason did you say that she is not good!" Uncle Zhao furiously glared at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun. "……"

"That's right! If it wasn't for her, this broken down body would've already entered a coffin. It's the Fifth Young Lady who saved my life. You guys went so far as to say that she hid in her room like a decoration? What kind of intentions are you harboring?"

Feng Xun. "……"

"A few days ago, our Fifth Young Lady even went to the neighboring city to examine a sick person! Such a kind person was unexpectedly spoken about like that by you. Do you have a conscience? From appearances, you look so handsome. How can you act this way as a person? !"

Feng Xun. "……."

Fairy Mu Yao saw the crowd of commoners poking at Feng Xun's stomach, to the point that he was totally dumbstruck, dazed. He was badgered into retreat again and again…….she rejoiced greatly as she hands protected her stomach.

Fortunately, luckily, she didn't step forward just now. Otherwise, presently, the one to have been besieged by these commoners would've been her.

Jun Lin Yuan's eyes were hidden in depth and dark as ink, both hands placed behind him, thoughtfully looking at this scene before him……but his gaze seemed to pass through the separation of both time and space, don't know in what direction it'd flown.

"Who? Who's scolding our Fifth Young Lady?"

Just at this time, two elderly people totteringly and falteringly rushed over, one with a rolling pin in hand, the other with a vegetable knife in hand. The two old people looked to be quite old, but their speed was very fast, their faces seemed even more anxious.

"Grandpa, Grandma——" Lin Ling rushed forward without delay, two hands supporting the two old people.

"Little Ling, who's denouncing our Fifth Young Lady? Tell me quickly, who dares to criticize our Fifth Young Lady! Watch me beat him to death!" Grandpa Lin held a vegetable knife, gasping for breath as he ran, a face full of righteous indignation.

Next to him, Grandma Lin was also greatly angered. The old one had always been gentle and kindhearted and even had never been so angry before. She grabbed Lin Ling and angrily said. "Little Ling, tell me how there can be such a person in the world, so bereft of conscience. The Fifth Young Lady is such a good person, yet surprisingly was denounced by someone? Tell me quickly, who is it!"

Feng Xun. "……"

No matter how, he didn't expect that merely a few sentences of ridicule became a matter that had presently reached this level!

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