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Published at 20th of July 2020 12:45:14 PM
Chapter 819

819 Your Royal Highness, Please Don“t Be Mad 2

She couldn’t believe she had managed to survive all that .

When she was finally out of harm’s way, she had to endure Jun Linyuan, who was calling her “pig” and “idiot . ”

Jun Linyuan went on yelling at her . “Do you have any idea how much trouble you alone brought the college? Everyone had to put down what they were doing to save you!

“Look at all those candidates behind you! They almost lost their chance this year because of you!” Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Wu .

Mu Yaoyao, Gongsun Qing, and the other girls sighed inwardly, relieved .

They were right…

Feng Wu liked His Royal Highness, but His Royal Highness had no feelings for her whatsoever .

If he were in love with her, he would be treating all those cuts on her face already, not yelling at her .

It was so obvious that His Royal Highness was on their side…

At that thought, they felt much happier .

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However, Xuan Yi darted a look at Jun Linyuan .

He gave the crown prince a knowing look . Feng Xun, on the other hand, found Jun Linyuan very strange .

This wasn’t right .

His Royal Highness was such an aloof person, but he had been talking way too much today . That just didn’t feel right .

However, Feng Xun couldn’t hold his tongue anymore when he saw how sorry Feng Wu looked at Jun Linyuan’s reprimand .

He stepped out and put himself between Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan . “Boss Jun, it was Xiao Wu’s fault, alright, but she just narrowly escaped death . Please forgive her…”

Jun Linyuan wouldn’t be so mad if Feng Xun didn’t step in .

For some unknown reason, the crown prince flared up at Feng Xun’s interjection .

He glowered at Feng Xun . “Out of my way!”


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Feng Xun’s stomach lurched .

Having grown up with Jun Linyuan, he knew the latter better than anyone else . The guy was really pissed!

“Boss Jun…”

Now that Boss Jun was really mad, Feng Xun wanted to protect Feng Wu even more .

Keeping his eyes on Jun Linyuan, Feng Xun warned Feng Wu in a whisper, “Run… Little Feng Wu, run!”


“Boss Jun is going to kill you!”

Feng Wu was baffled . Seriously?

Although she had no idea what she had done wrong, she saw that Jun Linyuan was indeed glaring at her as if she had just killed his father!

That was crazy!

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Feng Wu took one step back, then another… She then spun around and ran!


She was only able to take a few steps .

“Boss Jun!” Feng Xun cried out, for his Boss Jun disappeared from sight, moving as quick as a streak of lightning!

The next second, Jun Linyuan had grabbed Feng Wu by the back of her collar .

That shocked everyone!

His Royal Highness picked Feng Wu up as if she were just a chicken, then —

He took Feng Wu away, just like that .

He carried her away, lifting her up by the back of her collar .

Feng Wu struggled violently and cried out, “Let go of me! Jun Linyuan, put me down!”

However, the crown prince only continued walking with a perfectly straight back, as if he could neither see nor hear her .

The others were all baffled .

Mu Yaoyao said suddenly, “Is His Royal Highness going to kill Feng Wu?”

Gongsun Qing asked, “Then bury her in the woods?”

Feng Xun shuddered at those words .

Judging by how much Boss Jun disliked Feng Wu, he might actually do it!

Feng Xun ran out after them . “Boss Jun! Boss Jun!”

However, Jun Linyuan was moving too fast for Feng Xun to catch up . They were nowhere to be seen .

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