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Published at 20th of July 2020 12:45:19 PM
Chapter 817

817 His Royal Highness

She couldn’t believe her eyes!

Those two Qilin Beasts were invincible to her!

She couldn’t even make a dent in their scales!


They were…

What was going on…

Feng Wu was going to turn around and check the cave opening, when a chunk of ice dropped and hit her on the head .


Feng Wu’s head swam and she lost her balance .

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Her vision dimmed, and she gradually slipped into the dark of unconsciousness .

When the wind stopped, a god-like figure landed at the cave opening .

The teenager was dressed in white and looked rather dashing .

He scanned the cave with his piercing gaze .

One could tell at first glance that the person was very confident in his capability .

It was none other than Jun Linyuan —

The most powerful teenager in the empire .

Crack —

The two Qilin Beasts had been doing as they pleased only moments ago, but they were defenseless in front of Jun Linyuan . Exactly how capable was he?!

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The teenager rushed to Feng Wu’s side before she hit the ground, and he pulled her soft body into his arms .

Feng Wu was woken up by a strong light .

She opened her eyes and was dazzled by the bright sunlight .

“Sister, you’re awake!”

Feng Xun rushed over and took Feng Wu’s hand . He was over the moon!

“Feng Xun?” Sitting up, Feng Wu rubbed her eyes and stared at the teenager in disbelief . He shouldn’t be here .

“What are you doing here?” Feng Wu was bewildered .

“And he’s not the only one,” another teeanger chimed in with bright eyes .

“Xuan Yi? You’re here, too?” Feng Wu was even more confused . “Isn’t the terrain open to candidates only? Why are you people here?”

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Feng Xun said grumpily, “Something big is happening here! Don’t you know?”

Feng Wu asked, “What thing?”

“Those two Qilin Beasts shouldn’t have been here in the first place, not to mention they snatched you . ”

“And you came here because of that?” Feng Wu stared at Feng Xun . “I’m flattered . ”

“Don’t be . You’re just lucky,” said Feng Xun . “We wouldn’t have come in if those two Qilin Beasts were the only ones that woke up . That Frosty Night Beast at the center of this terrain has also woken up . ”

Something stirred inside Feng Wu!

That Frosty Night Beast had really woken up! She was thrilled .

Other people might not have guessed it, but she knew perfectly well that Yu Mingye was the only person who could have done it .

Feng Wu needed to get the Heart of Frost Essence from the Frosty Night Beast to use as the core of her Taiyi Formation . Hence, she had made a deal with Yu Mingye before they entered the snowfield . She would make sure he passed the physical tryout, while he would help her obtain that Heart of Frosty Essence .

Thus, Feng Wu grabbed Feng Xun’s sleeve anxiously . “What’s going on with that Frosty Night Beast?”

Feng Xun snorted . “I heard that someone provoked that beast and woke it up . Of all the candidates this year, Yu Mingye is the only one capable enough to do that . ”

“Where’s Yu Mingye? How is he now?” Feng Wu asked hastily .

Feng Xun snorted . “How is he? He’s lucky to still be alive . As for what shape he’s in? Don’t expect too much . ”


“Word on the street is that Imperial College has lost contact with him . I wonder if he’s still alive . ” Feng Xun rubbed his chin .

Feng Wu blanched .

“That… can’t be . Yu Mingye is quite capable…” Feng Wu bit her lower lip .

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