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Published at 20th of July 2020 12:45:21 PM
Chapter 816

816 The Crown Prince

Seeing Feng Wu just standing there, Feng Tutu prompted her through gritted teeth .

The cub believed that she should get out of here while it had attracted the attention of the two Qilin Beasts . Feng Wu might have a chance!

But Feng Wu would never leave the cub behind .


She stabbed the mother Qilin Beast from behind with her Flaming Sword!

But, to her frustration —

Qilin Beasts were too powerful for Feng Wu to handle, and she couldn’t breach their defenses . She spared no effort in that strike, but she couldn’t even make a cut in the mother beast’s skin!

The blade didn’t even make a dent in its scales!

And it bounced off with a metallic clank!

Feng Wu’s eyes were bloodshot red .

The mother beast couldn’t care less about Feng Wu at the moment, and it only waved a paw behind it .

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Feng Wu, who had snuck up on the mother beast from behind, was flung out right away!


She smashed into a wall and her back made a loud thump!

The thick, hard wall cracked from the impact .


Feng Wu slid to the ground and was barely conscious . She spat out large mouthfuls of blood .

Little Phoenix almost couldn’t bring itself to see the state Feng Wu was in!

That stupid woman! Was she seriously thinking about killing a Qilin Beast? Didn’t she know that they were Spiritual Elders?

The beast was a whole stage more advanced than her . There was no way she could breach its defenses!

“Let’s go!” Little Phoenix’s body instantly grew in size . It then picked up Feng Wu and rushed toward the cave opening!

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Feng Wu shook her head . “Feng Tutu… we can’t leave Feng Tutu behind…”

Little Phoenix was having a hard time keeping its balance with Feng Wu struggling in its claws .

Exasperated, Little Phoenix scolded Feng Wu . “You have this saying, ‘as long as the green hills are there, one need not worry about firewood,’ right?! You need to cherish your life so that you can take revenge for the cub in the future!”

“No… no…” Feng Wu shook her head repeatedly!

She had never hated her lack of strength so much!

If she were a Spiritual Elder now, she wouldn’t have to watch Feng Tutu get throttled while she was helpless to do anything to help!

Tears rolled down her cheeks and Feng Wu clenched her fists so tightly that her fingernails dug into her palms!

“I’m staying . You go . ” Feng Wu pulled Little Phoenix downward and both fell to the ground with a thump .

Little Phoenix exploded!

“You stupid woman! Have you forgotten your mission?! Your beautiful master will never be able to wake up if you die here! And what about your mother, your brother, and all the other people?!”

Feng Wu smiled bitterly . “I’m not going to die . ”

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After that, she forced Little Phoenix back into the ring .

Then, she grabbed Feng Tutu!

Both Qilin Beasts went berserk!

They struck at Feng Wu in unison!

Two giant paws were aimed at Feng Wu’s head!

Feng Wu would be killed instantly if she got hit!

At that critical moment!

Feng Wu took out a jade ornament, aka the panic button!

She thought she would never use it, but she was wrong . She had no choice but to give up on the exam!

“I —”

That was the only word Feng Wu was able to utter .

All of a sudden!

A gust of wind burst into the cave, bringing snow with it . The temperature in the cave plummeted!

Feng Wu watched as the two formidable Qilin Beasts froze into two ice sculptures!

Then, their bodies…


Their bodies gradually shattered into little pieces that rolled around on the ground .

They had been turned into ice!

Feng Wu was astonished!

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